Monday, November 30, 2009


funktional power up velvet blazer from nasty gal

frye 8R harness boot

what are my absolute essentials? hmmm that would be black ankle boots and blazers.
well, this whole new lifestyle i have adopted - saving for great "investment" pieces over buying hoards of inexpensive things - has allowed me to purchase these two bad boys.
of course i slip and still cannot pass on a good deal at work or at forever 21 (and shhhh...i bought the blazer and boots with % off discounts/gift cards), but i couldn't be happier that these on their way to my home.

p.s. liz, you are killing it as a nasty gal model.


Mila said...

I agree,she looks amazing!

leflassh. said...

so jealous, i want both. especially the boots. awesomeness lady, cant wait to see on you

FashionHippieLoves said...

wow love that blazer!


Gon said...

Gad you got them! Those items are extremely cool!! .D



Great items!!!!

SCISI said...

i really love the blazer so cool:)xxscisi

Jacqueline said...

Love the boots~!

Karen said...

I have loved that velvet jacket too! If I didn't have the pointy shoulder Zara one, I'd probably be all over that it!

ps. Ack! Sounds like it's really cold where you are. That probably means it's moving my way : (

Karen x

Quiri said...

i love that you have a new shopping mentality. it's hard to save for those items but in the end the cost-per-wear totally makes up for it & quality goods always last longer :)
the harness boot is awesome

Lainey said...

Yeah, Liz is the best model they've got! I love that blazer! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it.

*** said...

Thanks hun! it's sp hard working there, everything I model I want to buy, haha!
That blazer is definitely you're style.

Feelmore said...

Excellent choices. The basics always end up being the most exciting in the long run anyway... the thrill lasts so much longer... like love vs. lust. ha ha.

Felicia said...

Loved that velvet blazer when I first saw it! That and a pair of short black boots are def on my list too :)

maria said...

Caylee! There is an award for you! Visit my blog!
Greetings from Rome.

'Lee said...

Love it!
That blazer is amazing and those power shoulders are just FIERCE!

Theory of a fashion victim

the style spotter said...

that blazer is freakin awesome!

Friend in Fashion said...

Love it - boots + blazer = amazing! :)

Farrah @ Distrikmode said...

I totally get what you mean - I used to search for and spend on many many inexpensive things (which in many cases were also low in quality), but now I'm more inclined to save up and only spend on more expensive but "worthy" (or as you call it, "investment") pieces.

And on that note... great picks here! :)


womens dresses said...

Nice outfit! That boot is just fabulous!

Phyllis said...

ahhh lucky! ive been craving a pair of fryes - needtosave, needtosave

caylee said...

mila - yes, as always of course!

leflassh. - =) can't wait to wear them!

fashionhippieloves - me too!

gon, come over to the dark side...we have candy, SCISI, jacqueline - thanks guys!

karen - i knew i would end up with a pointy shoulder blazer, it was only a matter of time. =) and yes, as you saw by my tweet earlier, the cold is moving your way.

quiri - it's definitely hard...for my closet, my wallet, and my mentality. haha. but much more worth it in the end =)

lainey - i couldn't agree more. thanks, i can't wait to play around with it!

*** - wow, i can't even imagine...well, i work at H&M, so i guess i experience it too haha. and i'm thinking the blazer will fit perfectly in my wardrobe =)

feelmore - thanks! love vs lust...i couldn't describe it any better.

felicia - same for me! hope you get your hands on them soon =)

maria - oh awesome, i'll check it out, thank you!

lee - thank you!

the style spotter - i know! =)

frien din fashion - thanks!

farrah @ distrikmode - good to see i'm not alone =) even though these are hardly "investment" pieces in most people's terms, they are for me and my budget! thanks too =)

womens dresses - thanks!

phyllis - thanks! here's the save save!

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