Monday, November 16, 2009

desperately seeking...

alright, i'm finally giving in and buying a camera (!!!!!), but i need my dear readers' opinions: what do you suggest for ~$500? i've heard that the camera above (canon rebel XSI 12MP digital SLR) is a good option (click here for more info on it). any others i should consider?


(picture source - columbine smille)

a simple pair of low-heeled ankle boots like first two above would be perfect for everyday and would pretty much round out my collection of black boots.

the first pair are the acne pistol short (gorgeous but waaaay out of my price range) and the middle pair are the scandinavian brand don donna, so i don't think they're available in the states (unless i have any scandinavian readers willing let me know how much they are/find and ship them to me...).

i actually prefer the middle don donna pair. do you guys know where i can find something similar?

can't wait to hear from all of you!


miss bicyclette said...

I bought the Canon Rebel XTi about two years ago (which I believe is the predecessor to the one you've listed), and I absolutely love it, no complaints. It's small enough that you can carry it around without too much hassle, easy to learn and use, and the picture quality and all of the functions are great.
It comes highly recommended!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

I need to invest in a good camera too - let me know when you get yours & if it's any good!

LOVE the first pair of boots, but the second pair is just as lovely & obviously a lot cheaper! I have a bit of a black boot addiction too... I think I need boot rehab! I'd say 80% or more of my shoes are boots, most of which are black...!

♥ Hannah



Francesca said...

really cool. i was just thinking ab low boots this morning. I saw a girl wear them with a suit and tights and looked awesome!

F <-- two girls blogging fashion from ny and chicago!

Fashion Chalet said...

Me too, exactly what I want for Christmas, a new camera <3


Francheska said...

Caylee... this is a gooodd choice!!!!!! I used to have the same camera but then it got stolen! horrible!!!! But yeah this one is great! get it!!!!!!!! :)

Dirty Hair Halo said...

I recently bought a Nikon D3000 and it has a lot of auto settings for when you're desperate to take pictures ASAP but still fiddling with learning the camera. It also has the capability of taking manual photos as well. It was about $550. Worth every penny, especially if I break down the price by cost-per-use (That's how I justify outrageous wardrobe purchases.) Good luck!

Savana said...
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Ellie Waller said...

I've heard so many good things about the Canon Rebel, my two of my friends have it, and they've had no complaints whatsoever.

Nora said...

I have a Canon 450D and that one at least is perfect for me. It's my first big camera and it's just great, i recommend that one! :)

Savana said...

I've had the XSi for about a year and i love it!! for the boots I found some here

caylee said...

miss bicyclette - awesome thank you. that's another yes towards the canon for me then =)

hanna @ london--rose - will do! 99% of my shoes are black. and i'm addicted to boots as well...we should definitely go to rehab, haha.

francesca - i really hope to find a pair ASAP!

fashion chalet - what kind of camera do you use now?

francheska - wow, i'm sorry to hear that! what is wrong with people? anyway, that's another yes for the canon. thanks for your advice!

dirty hair halo - thank you; i'm going to look into this one now! i'm all about the self-timer, haha.

ellie waller - awesome; thanks for your input!

nora - how is it different than the rebel xsi that i posted?

savana - yay, that's another yes for the canon. thank you! and i saw those boots the other day...i wish the toe wasn't pointed upward!

Lauren said...

I have the xsi and I love it. It's quite versatile as well.

Karen said...


I JUST saw some plain cuban heeled grey ankle boots VERY SIMILAR to these at LF today. They are by Jeffrey Campbell. Not sure the style name of them but maybe call LF (I was at the 5th ave Flatiron NY store) and ask?

Karen x

paige said...

These boots look kind of similar to those.,&navCount=9&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_SHOES_WHATSNEW&popId=WOMENS_WHATSNEW&prepushId=

Hope you like them!

Mila said...

GREAT SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!And I love your blog too so I`m following you now :)
And the photos from your last post are great!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

Hey i recommend the Canon rebel T1i 500d!! i just bought one, its really nice and small for girls like us and not huge/heavy but a really great dslr!! its a bit more than 500 but def a gd one :) x

Anonymous said...

must have those middle boots!

cla-sib said...

same wish as you have. I also want a camera like those.. hope it goes real..


M.Tiano said...

I was also stuck on this... I went with the canon rebel xs. There really isnt much difference between the xs and the xsi, just a wider screen and 2 other things that aren't that important. Lens are what really make a difference in the ranges of things you can do. I knew nothing about camera's and this was a great starter. I would only buy the body and then buy a range of lens. The bodies sell for much cheaper and you'd be saving a lot of money. Also DO NOT buy it from Wolf Camera...they are wayyy over priced. Look for some local used camera stores. Good luck, I hope you enjoy whatever camera you get!
P.S. Black Tuesday is coming up, so check for earlybird sales!!

hélène said...

So funny, i was just thinking about investing in a new camera too... i've dropped mine so many times it always spazzes!!

I agree, the middle boots are the best, although i have nooo idea where you can procure yourself a pair, as i don't live in the states. Have you tried Zara?? OR Urban Outfitters? You should check their website! It's so funny cause literally EVERY girl in Paris wears the pair to the right (well all of them except for me, it seems!). Good luck in your search and for the new camera!!


Karafina said...

oh man, i want those acne boots baaaaaaaad. hope you find a good pair similar to either of those! good luck camera shopping, i have a canon g9 which is really cute and compact and i looooove it.

caylee said...

lauren - thanks! i ended up buying it and i cannot wait to play around with it.

karen - aww thanks karen, but i'm looking for black. if you see any that are black.... =)

paige - another reader commented above with a link to these same boots! i like them; i just wish the toe weren't pointed upwards like it is. but thank you so much!

mila - thank you so much! xo

heartofpearl - thanks for your suggestion! i ended up getting the exact camera pictured in this post =)

anon 7:14 - telllll me about it! no luck so far =(

cla-sib - thank you, and since you have the same wish-list as me, right back at you! =)

m. tiano - thank you so much for your input! i ended up buying the exact camera pictured in this post (XSI), and i did buy the entire camera (not just the body), and also a seperate lens. my good friend recommended i go ahead and get the original lens in case something happens to the other lens i bought. oh and i got it all from amazon, they had an amazing deal on it =)

helene - i invested in the camera! and i'm sorry to hear that yours is a little dysfunctional now, lol. i am so scared of dropping mine already, because i know how big of a clutz i am!
as for the boots, i don't have a zara store near me =(, and i definitely already checked urban outfitters but they don't have the exact kind that i'm looking for, which is just like the middle pair. thank you though, and here's to hoping i find some soon!

karafina - the acne boots are gorgeous, but gosh, they are like a good $600 - $800 i think...crazy. thank you for your suggestion, and i ended up buying the canon rebel XSI! =)

Anonymous said...

You should definitely check out Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3 with leica lens.

Camilla said...

Sixtyseven has a pair almost exactly like the low acne pistol boots. I have them myself, and love them. I couldn't find the model at their home page, but the model is called sprinter negro, and the model number is: UJ-12251
If you search the net, you will probably find them.

They are a little bit bigger in size than normal, so if you are between two sizes go for the smallest one, if not, you can always use a sole.


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