Saturday, November 21, 2009

black market baby.

(source - audrey cantwell)

i am speechless. my heart just dropped to my toes. i mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT FIRST PICTURE! all of this is by a small canadian designer, audrey cantwell, who sells her stuff on her etsy store black market baby.
(thanks knightcat letting me us know about her designs!)

must. save. to. buy. some. of. this. now.

(i got my new canon rebel xsi in the mail yesterday! thank you amazon prime and two day shipping. hoping that in the middle of work/school/family thanksgiving/new moon this weekend, i can find time to get up an outfit post tomorrow or monday.)



Lori said...

I posted this on my blog yesturday, isnt the styling amazing?? etsy is a scary place sometimes...

Georgia said...

New moon is a very good reason not to upload an outfit. Valid excuse.
It would be mine

Mila said...

wow i love the entire collection!

Jacqueline said...

Great designs, but I bought a few pieces from her and the sewing was not very good (uneven, etc). I was disappointed. I think she has good ideas though.

Paper Ice Cream said...

I'm obsessed with this too.
I want it all!

Fashion Chalet said...

the braid is love <3


Gon said...

uuuhh it truly is something ! The styling is fabulous and the cardigan in the first pic is amazing !


Anonymous said...

This is quite nice. However, a little too reminiscent of Rick Owens Drkshdw.

Taylor Sterling said...

these are amazing!!

Maria said...

What kind of shoess are that?? Must know! They look aaawesome!
such a great collection, I want it all :))

bloo. said...

i like all pics. ;)
are awesome !


Clara said...

wow! amazing looks.
i love all the photos.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Wow, these are amazing... thanks for sharing! I adore the first look as well, and the dress in the third pic has be mine! All of them are pretty awesome though...

English Rose said...

these pictures are so haunting - i wouldnt want to make that model angry lol

moded'amour said...


caylee said...

lori - so amazing, it's unreal. go ahead and add eBay to that scary list too...i buy way too much.

georgia - glad to see someone agrees with me! i loved it =)

mila me too =)

jacqueline - oh no, that is definitely not good to hear. i still love these though.

paper ice cream - me too!

fashion chalet - i want to try that so bad.

gon - that first picture has me on my knees, grovelling at its perfection. i really truly need that cardigan!

anon 10:42 - i love rick owens and i can definitely see the influences in this collection. probably why i like her designs so much!

taylor sterling - agreed.

maria - on the website, it says they are all by PLEASER! gosh they make some awesome stripper shoes.

bloo, clara - meeeee too!

the haute-shopper - you're welcome! we have the same favorites from this collection (first look and third dress) =)

english rose - lol, i love the feeling that they give off though, and the model just suits the designs so perfectly.

moded'amour - agreed!!

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