Saturday, October 31, 2009

tricks and treats.

1)bb dakota o'sullivan blazer
2)H&M oversized cardigan
3)bird skull necklace and leopard scarf from eBay
4)forever 21 faux leather skirt
5)silence & noise double breasted blazer

here are some of my favorite pieces that i have yet to wear on the blog.
everything is fairly new; the cardigan is really new, just got it today (LOVE).
some of these are the things i talked about getting as birthday presents for myself back in september.

still excited over the fact that i get to choose from these while getting dressed in the morning.


emily said...

ooh, i want a leather skirt so badly!!

Daphne said...

ooooh I am interested to see you wear the white blazer, mine is in my closet now Autumn is here, need some inspiration of my own.

sofiasophie said...

the cardigan is really cool, and the colour 's lovely!

Tereza Š. said...

both of these blazers are great!

Francheska said...

all these pieces are amazing.
i can totally see why you´re still excited haah
that skirt is really something!!!

Charlene said...

I really want a blazer like the 1st one. great Blog :)

Jacqueline said...

great pieces. I especially love that skirt. I can't wait to see how you style everything!


Anonymous said...

how long ago did you get the leather skirt from F21?

Fashion Monstre said...

i have they bbdakota jacket and i love it sooooo much...i get so many compliments from it

Zepequeña said...



Allegra said...

looove the colour of the first blazer!!

Anonymous said...

Love it all.

You seriously make the best purchases!

Fashion Chalet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fashion Chalet said...

Just checked it out sweetie, you were already on my list under "Alphas" :) and love that blazer-- need/want one just like it.


alexandra said...

Hey did you know that you are featured in a post on F21's blog?

Etrapar said...

2 is my fav ^.^

Jyun said...

Best pick is blazer on top. So far I haven't seen a single style I could pick on, flawless fashionista. Great editorials too ;)

The Stiletto Effect said...

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Feelmore said...

I have that skirt and a similar blazer - excellent taste! ;-)

coy colleen said...

all are so cute but i especially love that first blazer!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

wear them, wear them!

that bb dakota blazer is fabulous!

jess s//

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

hey i have the same cardi just in grey, damnit didnt see it in this color.

caylee said...

emily - they are showing up in all kinds of stores lately, so you'll probably find one if you go looking!

daphne - right now, i'm thinking it will be perfect over (yeah, you guessed it) all black!
lol. actually i'm pretty sure it will go over just about anything.

sofiasophie - i love how enormous it is, and it's such a pretty light pink, a color i didn't have in my closet until now!

tereza s - thank you! blazers are my favorite pieces of clothing.

francheska - thanks! soooooo excited =)

charlene - thank you! this exact blazer is still for sale on a lot of websites right now. just search the internet for bbdakota o'sullivan blazer!

jacqueline - thanks! i can't wait to show you guys these as part of an outfit! =)

anon 9:49 - it's been about two weeks, but i know that it's sold out online and now in my store, because it is a bit older =(

fashion monstre - it's seriously amazing isn't it?! a dead ringer for the alexander wang blazer from aw08.

zepequena - thank you!

allegra - thank you! i actually like it better how it turned out in the photograph, haha, it's actually more brown in real life.

anon 1:35 - aww thanks! =)

fashion chalet - wow i must be blind because i didn't see it up there! lol. but thank you for checking!

alexandra - yeah i found on twitter right after it was posted. how cool?!

etrapar - i can't pick a fave! if i did it would have to be one of the blazers, but i am totally in love with the sweater too =)

jyun - wow, thank you so much! that really means a lot =) and the two blazers are my picks for favorite too.

feelmore - thank you! the skirt is so much fun and is a lot different than the other skirts in my closet (all bodycon). i love playing around with it; it makes me feel so girly yet the leather gives it the edge that i crave!

coy colleen - meeeee too, thank you!

hippie frou frou - i will soon, promise! =)

stylorectic under medical treatment - aww yeah we had the gray too but i own way too many gray cardigans and was really drawn to this pretty pink color. sorry you didn't see it at your store =( H&M can be like that sometimes. hahaha

stylewithbenefits said...

I'm wearing that H&M cardigan today and you will LOVE it. Seriously I get compliments everytime I wear it about how cozy it looks. They also have it in gray but I like this pale pink better. You picked up great stuff!

Luxe. said...

I love the two blazers.x

Amy said...

Love the first blazer! I bought a leather vintage skater skirt a couple of years ago for £10 and it was one of the best bargains I ever got. I'm excited that it's nearly cold enough for it again here! x

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