Thursday, October 08, 2009

knight rider.

obsessing over these black stunners from topshop. way out of my price range, but hey, i can dream.

speaking of obsessing, i finally got THAT ZARA BAG! proper pics to come soon.


uri said...

wow LOVE those shoes! where are they from?

Jacqueline said...

I saw those shoes and I thought they would sell out right away. Now they probably will!


Grace said...

Fantastic jacket.

Love Grace.

Heather said...

knight rider! ha, I remember the show.
Cute pieces -- love topshop.

p.s. I'm officially stalking you. ;)

Feelmore said...

Hmmm... Yes, Yes, and Yes. =)

bárbara said...

kisses caylee

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

congrats on finding 'THE' zara bag! you found one before i did :)


MARISA said...

i loveee those wedges.

cant wait to see the zara bag!

lisa @ luxe said...

L-O-V-E that zara bag!


sofiasophie said...

Yes, I want to see that Zara bag!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I'm obsessing over anything BLACK so you've certainly got my attention :) Wait until hey go on sale, everything goes on sale eventually.

alexababyface said...

I'm in love with those:-) +love ur blog pretty girl, leave comments on my blog;xoxo

Ashley said...

Yes, yes and YES!!! Loving the boots!!

Clara said...

good idea. love the all black!
I hope you have a great weekend

Gon said...

Lovely Jacket ! Good choices ;)


Jessica said...

Super cute shoes!

caylee said...

uri - everything pictured is from topshop!

jacqueline - they ARE sold out! =( not that i was going to buy them, though. haha

grace - i don't own anything like it, but i certainly want to =)

heather - haha, yeah i had a good laugh when i thought of the title. and lol, i love that you are stalking me, it means that you like my blog! so thank you =)

feelmore - =)

barbara - thanks barbara!

hanna @ london--rose - thank you! i'm so so stoked that i finallyl own it. sorry you haven't found one yet =(

marisa - me too! they are like the child of two pairs of shoes i already own, haha.

lisa @ luxe - i do too =)

sofiasophie - since i posted my outfit with the bag before replying to your comment...i'm assuming you already have! =)

the queen of hearts - oh i am always obsessing over black. and the thing about topshop is that when it goes on sale, they never have my size left! =(

alexababyface - aww thank you =)

ashley - lol, me too!

clara - thank you! i hope yours was great as well =)

gon - thank you!

jessica - oh how i would love to own them.

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