Thursday, October 15, 2009

happy feet.

H&M divided black faux leather jacket and patent flats; H&M belt (and lace bra underneath); forever 21 tee, harem-like pants, and studded watch; target bracelet; zara studded bag.

wearing flats for the first time on the blog! these and my nine west wedge boots (not the alice + olivia for payless ones) are what i wear to work, because running up and down the sales floor in any type of high wedge/heel just ain't happening. with their thin soles, these flats can sometimes get more uncomfortable than my heels, especially when i wear them for long periods of time. ok, enough about shoes. but i do have shoes on the brain right now =)

again, sorry for the crappy quality photos.


Jacqueline said...

Love your jacket and the flats look good on you!

Taylor Sterling said...

Love this outfit. I love your dark outfits, they look amazing on you!

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize for the quality. It's refreshing to not see perfectly stylized photos, it makes you more real and relatable. I love this blog and your style. Keep it up!

Heather said...

I'm all about making my footsies happy.

Allegra said...

looove it! you look so great!

Francesca said...

love your blog!!!


check out our blog:, two best friends blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!!

Anonymous said...

I second what Anon11:58 said.

I also wish I could wear heels to work. I also work in retail, so that is definitely not happening!

Felicia said...

Loove the studded zara bag!!

leflassh. said...

you look great in the flats lovely!
i'm just starting work in retail, so flats will be all i'm going to be wearing too. :) and love the pants.

Feelmore said...

mid- day is when i generally start fantasizing about flats...

sofiasophie said...

Love to see you with flats shoes!

caylee said...

jacqueline - thank you! you are always so sweet =)

taylor sterling - thank you! lol, i almost always wear dark outfits.

anon 11:58 - aww thank you so much! that's exactly what i want to be, relatable and hopefully inspiring, and if my photos convey that despite being poor quality...awesome =)

heather - lol! even though most of my heels are comfy, sometimes you just have to wear flats for happy feet =)

allegra - thank you!!

francesca - thank you! will do!

anon 8:38 - thank you! yeah, i mean, if i had an office job or something i'd be all for wearing heels to work. but not working retail, noooo way. glad you feel my pain =)

felicia - meee too =)

leflassh. - thank you dajana! =) that's so awesome that you got a retail job, what store are you at?

feelmore - LOL!

sofiasophie - thank you! no one wears heels everyday. extra superhumans.

Jess said...

great outfit! love the zara bag and the jacket.

Fashion Chalet said...

Greeeeat flats =)


moichanelcouture said...

love and want your bag!

michelle_ said...

do you have any idea how much you rock in black & gray outfits ?
you're purely awesome girl !!

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