Saturday, October 17, 2009

fake it.

forever 21 faux fur vest and white tee; H&M divided black faux leather jacket and fingerless gloves; H&M jean leggings and lace bra; target scarf; zara studded bag; alice + olivia for payless wedge boot.

two outfit posts in a row? i'm on a roll. =)

wore this on my usual weekend night pizza run with my boyfriend. what a cold and rainy friday it was. the day was spent catching up on gossip girl with my kitten and taking an extra long bath. i really needed this day of low brain stimulation.

the fur and the leather are faux, of course, and i'm pretty into these jean leggings. at first the elastic waistband turned me off, but i finally caved and there's no turning back now. as long as the waist is hidden. still, i refuse to call them "jeggings" or "treggings" (trouser leggings). jean leggings it is.


Karafina said...

loving this fur vest, great bag too. So happy you found eachother!

Zepequeña said...

The veast is great!


helen said...

lether, studs and fur: perfect combination!
love your blog!!
xx helen

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Anonymous said...

watch this Would you like to subscribe?

Annachiara said...

Hi Caylee...nice to meet you.. I'm see you on,you're one of my favorites,because your style is unique... i love your style... is magnific...your outfits are gorgeous....favolous... I love your outfits always!!! Sorry for my english,but i'm italian and i don't speack it...but i tries!!!
:-) Your blog is magnific...You're a wonderfull girl!!!! I will always follow!!! :-) kiss Any

Malu said...

wow, I love your style!
Great blog :D


Malu's Fashionblog, Come and see!

CATI said...

need to buy myself "jeggings" in plain black!

UXIETTA said...

the faux vest is lovely! did you buy it a long time ago? i need it!

i love your style, you are in my favourites

Gon said...

you look amazing ! ;)


Jacqueline said...

loving your faux fur! right on trend.

Karen said...

Great outfit Caylee and I'm glad you got your bag finally ; )

I LOVE fur vests. So so versatile.

Karen x

melissa said...

This is really great. The layers. The LAYERS! And all the textures! Fur, and leather, and knit, and lace, and metal, and denim. GReat look, caylee!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

great layering, and looks comfy

seems like a purrfect outfit to me!

jess s//

rickyjames said...

good should always be fake!!

Dylana said...

Love the faux fur!

unknownLady said...

wow I love your shoes!

Dominique said...

You're awesome. You a l w a y s look great.

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Diana said...

Loooooove your shoes ;)
great outfit too!!

check out mine, even thoough it's a bit new :)

M. and O. said...

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See ya :) Xoxo

Maria said...

this is THE perfect outfit for fall!

Ida said...

loving it!your blog is pure inspiration.

Ashley said...

This outfit effing rocks!!! I would totally wear each and every piece.
Aside- I have the a+o wedge boots..I LOVE them!! My friends call them my moon boots.

kalai said...

gorgeous!^^ i must get a fur vest this winter!
love your bag.. i saw the brown version in zara but never seen the black one. looks so much better black!xx

cat said...

you look so cozy caylee, love the fur trim, aren't you glad winter is almost here? i like it wayyyy better than summer

Anonymous said...

Hi Caylee! I absolutely love your blog.
I was wondering. is that vest a size small? because I want to order it but it looks like a cropped one on the site..



Frickys said...

Haha, can't believe... great minds think alike... accidentally copied your outfit today ;)

StefanoTerrani said...

Wow i love your style! U r so cooool!

Blicious said...

i almost bought that vest and now i think im going too. i love it!!!! great outfit!! xoxo

FashionJazz said...

Luv this combination!!xxx

caylee said...

THANK YOU as always everyone. this has been one of my favorite outfits i've worn this fall, and i can see myself wearing this exact outfit and variations of it all throughout the seasn (actually, i have worn it twice already, hehe)

annachiara - i understand you perfectly, and THANK YOU so much! =)

uxietta - thank you! i actually just bought it about a week ago, but i only saw it in stores, not online, so go visit a store quick if you want one!

karen - thank you! i'm in love with fur vests right now; i got this one and a black one from forever 21 that i've been wearing constantly.

melissa - thank you! playing with layers and different textures is my favorite way to dress =)

rickyjames - AGREED!

maria - thank you! i always get so happy to see you visiting my blog =)

ida - wow, thank you!

ashley - don't you just love these boots? haha, moon boots is a good one. i call them my "hoofs".

cat - thanks cat! i am SO glad it's cooled down and i get to wear layers and fur like this. =)

anon 1:11pm (angie) - i actually didn't and still don't see this exact vest on forever 21's website. maybe it's only in store? i don't know, but i got mine in a size medium so i could layer it over jackets, sweaters, and such.

frickys - aww lol, it's perfectly fine! we must have gotten our inspiration from the same source =)

ladyish said...

those shoes are from payless? canadian stores just got a little crappier

Fashion Chalet said...

Congrats doll, cheers to the Forever 21 feature. Just saw it today, we're both on there. :)


Fashion Chalet said...

Hey sweetie :)

Looking back through your blog, I found exactly what I've been looking for: the perfect fingerless gloves (in black) just like you have on here! You work at h&m, would it be a bother to ask you for some and then I could paypal you? I wish an h&m would open here already.. have to wait now until spring 2010. I also love your sparkly jacket/vest in the latest post!!!! :)


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