Monday, September 07, 2009

white hot.

(ali stephens for russh sept 2009. source - fashiongonerogue)

whether you're working, or you're not, have a great labor day everyone (in the states)!
this marks the unofficial end of summer, and for once i'm not sad (see fall inspirational post below).

because we can wear white whenever the hell we want.


Jowy said...

HELL YES!!whatever we want grl!

One Love,

Jacqueline said...

yeah, who follows that old rule anyway!

wanna see a girl rompin around in the garden?

visit me at

MB_ said...

I would like some fall now, but instead one day it is raining and the next day it is 26 degrees. Aaargh, don't know what I have to wear now!

love your fall inspi :)

xoxo Fashion Waitress

The style strutter said...

its almost winter in ireland anyway!! at least we can layer up again:)!
great picture too:)!

Anonymous said...

I never understood that rule anyways.. :)
You always look so simply cute.

Lainey said...

hurrah for that! I wear white year-round! Can't wait to bust out my blazers and jackets for fall!

Stacy said...

does anyone actually follow that rule? hahaha

and that editorial was amazing!

mom & son said...

fabulous photo!

i love your sense of style!

cat said...,&navCount=48&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_COLL_EARLYFALL09ALL&popId=WOMENS_WHATSNEW&prepushId=

here is a link to a blazer similar to the one you want :)

caylee said...

jowy - lol, yes! i love winter white.

jacqueline - i hope no one does! who follows rules anyway? =)

mb_ - it's like that here too; one day it's scorching hot, the next it's muggy and rainy. i just want some cool, sunny fall weather!

the style strutter - yes, i can't wait!

anon 4:48 - i didn't either! white looks good any time of the year!

lainey - so do i. i am actually in the process of looking for a white/nude colored blazer for fall!

stacy - i hope not! living in un-fashionable indiana though, i've heard people talk about it...silly silly people following stupid style rules. and yes, i LOVE that entire editorial; another amazing ali stephens set for us to stare at.

mom & son - thank you!!

cat - are you a mind reader cat? because i am on urban outfitter's site RIGHT NOW looking at that exact jacket! LOL! so funny. i wish it were a nude colored like the H&M one...oh well, it might have to suffice =)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I could go on and on about Russh and Ali Stephens FOREVER and a day! Great pick!

Btw, an affair is allowed, only if I can borrow your new boots and a cool H&M piece?! ;)


caylee said...

fashion chalet - tell me about it, haha. so amazing.

and since i am having a forbidden affair with your shoes, i think your stipulations are pretty reasonable =)

Elegant Unique said...

hey love - quick (stupid) question. how did u put things in yourside bar? i cant work out where to put the code in the edit html thing?!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur pic and im living ur blog hun!! Chat to u soon xxx

Charlotte said...

Lol @ Lainey, I can't wait to 'bust-out' my white blazer (for spring in Aus) either.

caylee said...

elegant unique - in blogger's dashboard, you can just go to "layout", and then to "add gadget", and you can choose to all kinds of things, from adding a picture, a link list, or an HTML code (like my chictopia style icon banner and bloglovin' widget).
hope that helped! =)

fashionjazz - aww thank you so much jasna =)

charlotte - lol! it's so funny to think about how you guys over there are just now getting into spring. good thing we can wear basics like white blazers year-around!

Elegant Unique said...

ahhh thank you! done!

caylee said...

elegant unique - you're welcome; so glad i could help!

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