Sunday, September 13, 2009

wang & wasson & wayne & rag.

alexander wang s/s 2010 RTW

erin wasson x rvca s/s 2010 RTW

wayne s/s 2010 RTW

rag and bone s/s 2010 RTW

(collages made by me using images from

some of my favorite looks so far from new york fashion week. you can really see my simple sense of style and love for neutral colors come through with my selections, haha.

alexander wang, my favorite designer, was a little different this year with his all-american and sporty influences, but he still never fails to let us down. i'd pretty much kill for the entire outfit on anna selezneva (bottom, far left). while i can't say that i liked everthing he sent down the runway (i didn't), i was most drawn to the black, white, gray, and nude pieces that looked like the usual wang garb. the best part though? knee highs! something so simple that can be added to any look even now as we transition into fall. i just bought thigh highs, but i just might have to get knee highs now as well.

i like the six looks above from erin wasson x rvca. yes, it's a lot of what we've already seen in terms of style, but these are some nice throw-it-on-and-go outfits that consist of just two or three really simple but really great pieces.

wayne was minimalist perfection, and i also really loved all of the blazers and pants at rag and bone.

what were your favorites?
i'll be posting more of my NYFW faves soon! ♥


beckyxoxo said...

great ! i love alexander wang :)

Jeremiah said...

Wang is the only one, from you top picks, that have done something different with the whole drape and proportion trend. The other three look so basic and repetative, in shape, drape, and color. Mix it up to give a suprise or an added dynamic.

caylee said...

beckyxoxo - me too!

jeremiah - oh jeremiah, so critical. but you know that basics are what i love! don't worry, i love playing with proportions and can't wait to layer in some chilly indianapolis air. besides, these are spring/summer looks anyway!

Lainey said...

My faves were Charlotte Ronson, Yigal Azrouel, Wasson, Preen and BCBG! I think BCBG was my favorite though. All of those slashed dresses! Oh. my. God.

KLEE said...

love alexander wang!
everything he designs is screaming out for attention, awesome!

Francheska said...

Alexander Wang of course!!!!!! I especially love the top right look at the bottom and the first left look at the bottom!! amazing! Of course Wasson!! my favorite piece was the nude short jumpsuit!!

Wayne- extremely symmetrical! it´s like a piece of architecture! seriously! :) love it!

Andd I loved charlotte ranson too!

anywways i am once again apologizing for the delay in the bag shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I promise you ill get it done asap! my paypall is being ridiculous! or maybe my bank is!
I will make it up to you by sending you some spanish goods with it! haha!you name it.. x

Jowy said...

WANG IS MY HERO! luv luv luv his collection.

One Love,

lookthroughmyspecs said...

ohmygod I love all of these collections. It's not quite fall but I am getting very excited for spring thanks to these shows.

kpeach said...

love your pics-these were def some of my faves! I picked some pieces from Jen Kao as well-

Maritess said...

it was actually hard for me to pick my favorite.. but i love cut out shoulders and white mesh/cut out leggings. i heart you!

♥ fashion chalet said...

yum yum yum could devour them all up like ice cream!! =)


Jacqueline said...

they all look pretty good to me!

Barbro Andersen said...

I love the Wangs, if you count out the football styles :p AND; the nudes are great this year <3

*angelina said...

wow, i wish i could have been there...
i normally love alexander wang, and while his runway looks here are nice... theyre nothing to salvitate over. but i do like the knee socks and the shoes, and that grey vest on the asian model.
erin wasson! what an amazing collecction! erin wasson was a named that i knew in the past, but never really thought about...but these city chic looks have definately made me fall for her. j'adore everything.
wayne: intresting. not the ready-to-wear i look for, except for that awesome third picture. i would so wear that, save for some minor adjustments.
rag and bone has done it again. perfection. i would wear everything. i particulary admire the yellow nails, very forward.
great post, thanks for the coverage.

caylee said...

lainey - you can add ronson, and bcbg to my list of faves too!

klee - yet still understated in a way. love it.

francheska - aww you don't have to send me anything extra, don't worry! we'll work it out soon =)

jowy - lol, agreed.

lookthroughmyspecs - yes, runway will do that to us! i still want fall badly though.

kpeach - why haven't i looked through jen kao yet? will do that asap.

maritess - me too! it's all about the details.

fashion chalet - oh yeah =)

jacqueline - haha!

barbro andersen - i kinda agree with you there, but i did like some of the sporty looks he did. and i LOVE nudes. so good.

*angelina - it would have been amazing to be there....i basically love everything wang does, haha, erin's personal style is definitely what makes me love her collection, that third wayne outfit is definitely awesome, and rag & bone is always a favorite of mine, for that reason - i'd wear everything!

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Never happened to me but I could wear ANY of all the clothes in this post ... GRGSS!

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