Wednesday, September 16, 2009

stuart & ronson & preen.

jill stuart s/s 2010 RTW

charlotte ronson s/s 2010 RTW

preen s/s 2010 RTW
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here are a few more shows that i've liked so far from NYFW.

to reiterate what a lot of others have said (and blogged about!), the ENTIRE jill stuart collection was pretty much to die for. loving nearly everything she sent down the runway. dresses of all types, from draped to bodycon, perfectly embellished jackets, skin tight pants, strong shoulders, cutouts, sequins, mesh, metallics, lace, leather, etc., etc., all with killer shoes and accessories - yes please. it definitely fed my inner rocker, and while maybe not so practical for us normal folk, it's definitely so asthetically pleasing that the collage i made is now my desktop background.

i want need a pair of those charlotte ronson leather shorts. she showed a lot of great seperates in cool textures and perfect neutral colors, bike shorts (yes, they're not going anywhere!), and even some fun layering ideas we can use right now for fall.

lastly, the four looks from preen. so pretty. as much as i love the 80s inspired rocker look, i'm really this soft, feminine, casual contemporary style right now.

will we see knock-offs come spring? hope so. =)

p.s. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! i'm busy busy busy right now, so i'll get back to all of your comments sometime this weekend.


Ash Fox said...

love jill stuart and WOW c ronson stepped it up this season.


Elegant Unique said...

agree - very surprised at how much i LOVED jill stuart - especially that white lace balloon sleeve dress.. droool..

there seemed to be a lot of neutrals following stella mccartneys last collection.. but gorgeous none the less!

Kat said...

Nice picks from NYFW...liking Jill Stuarts jackets especially.

Tayler said...

I agree the Jill Stuart collection was to die for, but idk i wasn't all that impressed with preen's whole collection. But Charlotte Ronson is amazing! <3

Noa said...

LOVE the preen show

Hook The Look

KLEE said...

jill stuart's stuff are awesome!

JadeRose said...

oh i so so agree. Three of my favourite collections from the entire week. Ok maybe just add alexander wang for good measure. Love love love :))

Jacqueline said...

love stuart and ronson!

see me abroad in Barcelona, Spain at

Ashley said...

I'm fairly certain the s/s '10 Jill Stuart collection is going to be the new Balmain. Amazing amazing amazing. And I was very impressed with Charlotte Ronson's collection..very mature with an identifiable theme throughout.

siguemiestilo said...

i love your blog and your outfits!! the jacket from the post before is amazing! i love your hair too! :D

She's Gotta Have It said...

Good picks, what abt Jason Wu?

it's not her, it's me. said...

hey i love your blog! check out my fashion blog - it's not her, it's me. and i am selling some clothes and accessories as well as handmade crochet goodies here: check it out! xoxo ♥

Blicious said...

gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!!!!

thischicksgotstyle said...

Gorgeous collections :)!

caylee said...

ash fox - yes she did! love it.

elegant unique - that dress was one of my favorite pieces. just amazing. and i LOVE all the neutrals, lol. no complaining here =)

kat - thanks! jackets of all types are always my favorite things, and hers were awesome.

taylor - i just loved all three so much =)

noa - me too! nude + black = best color combination ever.

klee - her collection was so so good.

jaderose - yep, add him (& rag and wasson & phi, haha) and you've got my favorites too!

jacqueline - me too!

ashley - it's starting to look that way isn't it? it's so amazing, i can see why. and yes, ronson stepped it up and i'm in love.

siguemiestilo - aww thank you! =)

she's gotta have it - didn't really like wu. =(

it's not her, it's me. - i think that i checked you out last time you commented! =)

blicious, thischicksgotstyle - yes yes yes. =)

Tigerlily said...

jill stuarts collection was amazing...
fav: top right. SEXY ;)


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