Tuesday, September 08, 2009

stockholm, i love you.

(source - stockholm street style)

there must be some scandinavian in me somewhere. it would explain the unhealthy obsession i have with all things fashion-related in this amazing region of the globe, especially sweden.

their sense of style speaks volumes to me. it never gets old. it never will. it makes me happy. it inspires me like no other.

keep it coming, stockholm, and i'll keep eating it up.


Poisoned Amour said...

gotta love stockholm street style. its one of those sites i visit almost daily, to get my healthy dose of inspiration :)

alexandra said...

There must be something in the water there. They are all so well dressed.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I couldn't agree with you more, I love to see their style...my mom is half Finnish and half Swedish, but I think even if she wasn't I would still love it lol ;)

KLEE said...

love the look in the last picture the most, so simple and yet chic


Jacqueline said...

so chic!

wanna see a slinky girl eating sushi?

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com

Lainey said...

My husband is part swedish, so we definitely want to go there one of these days. They have some of the most stylish women on the planet! I would feel so out of place there! lol!

MB_ said...

I like it :D

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Elegant Unique said...

must be something in the water - not only are they incredibly amazing style wise, they all seem to be the most stunning looking girls!

Francheska said...

I love scandinavian style so much! :)
and caylee... im really sorry its taking longer than expected... getting my paypall sorted! if you want it now now then maybe we should do a bank transfer.. if not then wait just a little while! :) But dont worry the bag is all yours waiting to be shipped!

anna bu said...

the second one is my favorite! <3



Antonio Barros said...

I think they have a talent for fashion! When I spot someone with a cool style here in Paris... there is a big chance that it is a Swedish.. :)


sofiasophie said...


hese 3 girls are amazingly beautifull.....

And I loove the glasses of the 3 one....

leflassh. said...

oh aren't they just the best. always always amazingly dressed. i have a serious obsession with them myself & would love to go to sweden.
love the second lady's outfit.

Fashion By He said...

great shots

want to exchange links?


Lauren said...

I really love the makeup on the first girl and the casual coolness of the last.

CK said...

oh that's so incredible sweet of you, i guess we inspire each other to dress up even if its a regular monday :)

MARISA said...

its my dream to go to stockholm fashion week...so amazing!

Christina Dee said...

dude, i'm the same way. Other worldly cities, i'm obsessed with too! Sweden seems to always knock it right on the head!



I defintaly agree with you! Those outfits are amazing <3

Great blog! =)

alanna said...

those are fabulous. you should see the recent photo with the gold sequined harlem trousers- they are to DIE for

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Stockholm street style is amazing! It's one of my favourite daily blogs. All the outfits are so original and they constantly ooze confidence and give so much inspiration!

Dylana said...

I need to move here! Stockholm is so fashionable it is unbelievable.


Allegra said...

looove the last girl's boots!

Victoria Hart said...

The Swedish girls really know how to dress!

Jowy said...

Swedish style is amazing..so pure, chic and raw..love it.

One Love,

cocorosa said...

They always look great right? I think the Scandinavians are the best dressed by far,no?
love your blog:)

ryder said...

second girl is divine

caylee said...

poisoned amour - oh yes, i stalk it daily =)

alexandra - seriously, that has to be it. haha.

lions, tigers and fashion OH MY! - so cool that you have that scandinavian heritage! and lol, i don't see how anyone couldn't love it.

klee - i can't choose a fave, but for the hot summer weather that i'm still dealing with right now, i'm going to have to choose that one as my favorite inspiration of the three.

jacqueline - yes yes.

lainey - oh how badly i want to go too! i don't even want to say some of the most, more like THE most stylish women on the planet!

mb_ - meee too.

elegant unique - lol, another reader commented the same thought. i agree! there's no other explanation, because they are all stylish and stunning.

francheska - don't worry about it francheska =) i will patiently wait for things to sort out because i know the bag is there and will soon be miiiiiiine!

anna bu - i love her layers and neutral color palette.

antonio barros - so cool that you live in paris! you are lucky you get to see some of their amazing style.

sofiasophie - yes they are, it's unreal.

leflassh. - yeah, i'm obsessed too. wouldn't it be AMAZING to go there?! i always rave about their style wherever i go. remember when you posted my absolute favorite look of the summer; the girl with the black shorts, white/blue floral bustier, blazer, and lace up heels? still my fave.

fashion by he - they are! and right now, i just want to link some of my favorite blogs; the ones i read daily or at least on regular basis. hope you don't take that the wrong way! i appreciate you always visiting my blog and commenting =)

lauren - isn't her eye makeup fabulous? i totally want to try and replicate it. and the last one amazes me so much because she's just so simple and casual, but just so stylish.

CK - are you from sweden? if you are, you are so lucky! yes, i am inspired like no other by the amazing ladies from that part of the world =)

marisa - mine too! here's to seeing you there one day. lol =)

christina dee - i could go on and on and on about how perfect they are. obsessed is the perfect word for it! haha.

mdstyling - thank you!

tiffany thegirlwithafeather - mine too. i am there everyday, whether i have time or not. i make time because the inspiration is worth it!

dylana - you're telling me. lol =)

allegra - me too! i actually think they are an older pair from H&M.

victoria hart - yes they do!

jowy - exactly why i love it. it's the simplicity and perfect little details that draw me in.

cocorosa - yes, at least in my opinion, they are the best. although i'd count you in the group of the most stylish ladies in the world too =) and thank you so much for the compliment! it means a lot coming from you, one of my favorite bloggers. xoxo

ryder - i love the way she put the whole look together.

FashionizeMe said...

I love that site too. Check out our blog. I think you will like.


emily said...

i totally agree. (i think ikea also influences my opinion...)

Anonymous said...

The girl in shorts is one of the very few I´ve seen who looks simply great in shorts!! Swedes dress better than Danes...

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