Monday, September 28, 2009

right now.

forever 21 denim jacket; H&M trend oversized batwing blouse; H&M zippered legging pants; target bag; forever 21 paddle necklace, studded watch, and black oval ring; alive + olivia for payless wedge boots.

these pants were exactly what i wasn't looking for. yes, i said wasn't - i wasn't looking for them, but there they were, bam!, perfect.

got so many other new goodies that i can't wait to wear for fall - alexander wang-esque blazer, nude blazer (finally!), puff sleeve dress, oversized parka, gray cuffed trousers, scarves and gloves, etc., etc. definitely still some things on my list though (like the perfect low-cut ankle bootie).

lastly...sorry for the crappy quality photos, as always. i barely have enough $$$ to fund all of my fall wardrobe wants/needs.
& new clothes > new camera, my friends.

have a great monday!


sofiasophie said...

trousers are gorgeous and fit you well!

j-shan said...

lovely shots as usual
i really wish we had H&M in Australia they have amazing stuff!!
*sigh* :)

Studded Hearts said...

You always have the best outfits.


paola said...

i'm loving those boots! so hot! and the denim jacket...i have to get one myself! beautiful

KLEE said...

would love to see your nude blazer !

Tereza Š. said...

love your denom jacket and can´t wait for your new goodies!

Liya said...


those shoes are killer, girl

i love following this blog


Jacqueline said...

I love your trousers!

jaco said...

yeeh you look really good girl.

Ashley said...

YOu look great! I also have a pair of the A+O for payless boots and I LOVE them.

Neekoh said...

Your style is so perfectly effortlessly chic! You really inspire me. Love the pants, too :) said...

lol...i feel you. I use my camera phone to take pics! You still look great.

Grace said...

Fantastic jacket!

Love Grace.

kpeach said...

that necklace is amazing, can't believe it's f21

tonia fashion tour said...

cool blog...
loved it...
i'm gonna follow you..
amazing boots..

cat said...

i have that same jean jacket :) i know! i can't wait for fall either, i wish it was fall all year long. i want to wear layers, gloves, hats, boots, and scarves!

Sophia and Mary said...

great jacket + necklace!!

Anonymous said...

those pants are perfect on you.

you should totally do a post on your recent purchases!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur jacket- Hun and I cant wait to see ur new purchases!!!

Hope well!!

Have a lovely day


stylorectic under medical treatment said...

the things find you.thats a simple fact.thats how i explain new stuff to my boyfriend to.x)
you look gorge dear.

Gon said...

Love your denim jacket! It's feroushaaa !



Ashleigh said...

im loving light denim jackets right now (as you can see in my own previous posts...haha)

loving the all black...oh and went to payless looking for those boots and could not find them anywhere :( or any of the payless colabs for that matter



Kristiana V said...

Hey,i think i found another feature of you? here, and on the sidebar, there's more of your pictures, and also some comments are added:P Maybe you knew this already, but i didn't seem to find it in your 'features' section at the sidebar

NADINE said...

great outfit!!!

love it all!!!

Fashion Chalet said...

Totally cute, jacket and shoes add that extra BAM! :)


Blicious said...

i have been looking for those boots everywhere. :(

Hot pants!! love them on you!

Jeanne said...

I really love your boots!

caylee said...

sofiasophie - i'm so excited about these pants, thank you!

j-shan - thank you! i keep hearing that australia doesn't have an H&M; that just seem so weird to me! you'd think you would.

studded hearts - aww thank you =)

paola - they are my favorite boots =) hopefully you can still find a good denim jacket out there.

klee - i'll share it in an outfit post soon!

tereza s. - thanks; i can't wait to wear (and share photos of) them!

liya - thank you! it really means a lot. =)

jacqueline - thank you! i've had them for a little over a week and have worn them 4 days already, haha.

jaco - aww thanks =)

ashley - thanks! yeah they are basically amazing boots.

neekoh - wow thank you so much! i would never even consider myself an inspiration, and it makes my day just hearing that. - lol, i mean, even with our crappy quality pics, you still get the idea of the outfit right?! =) and thank you!

grace - thanks! it's an oldie but goodie.

kpeach - it's seriously the best necklace i've ever bought, but sadly i've worn it twice and it's already tarnishing. makes me want to cry =(

tonia fashion tour - thank you so much!!

cat - awesome; don't you love it? it goes with everything! and the weather where i live just took a turn for the better...highs in the mid perfect for layers!

sophia and mary - thank you!

anon 10:25 - thank you! they're the perfect pants, in my opinion =) and i'll just post outfit pics of my new stuff! cause i'll be wearing them all to death, of course.

fashionjazz - thank you jasna! i can't wait to wear them, and then show you guys as wel! hope you are doing great too =)

stylorectic under medical treatment - i LOVE that theory! and thank you so much eszter =)

gon - thanks!

ashleigh - yes, me too! i'm sorry you couldn't find the boots =( you'd think they would have a damn good supply of all of a+o's amazing boots, at every payless!

kristiana v - hmm i didn't know about that; thanks!

nadine - thank you!

fashion chalet - thanks erika! i think the shoes add an extra bam to basically everything, haha. could explain why i wear the hell out of them.

blicious - sorry you haven't been able to find them =( i hear they sold FAST! and thank you!

jeanne - so do i, so do i =) thanks!

Bettina said...

Finally!!! It's about time you made a blog :D
Why haven't I seen this before? :P
Great blog honey - and GREAT outfit! :)
Hugs Be

Jen said...

Love this look hon. Are those boots comfy? I just ordered them off ebay! :)

caylee said...

bettina - hiiii bettina! yes, i finally started one, actually back in july. thank you sooo much; i'm excited to be blogging, and to have you here reading it! p.s. what happened to your blog?!

jen - thank you! they are so comfortable that it doesn't even make sense, haha. i can wear them all day and my feet don't hurt. i think it's the combination of the wedge and the platform.

Bettina said...

I can see that - I'm just really bad at paying attention to such thing, but I'm glad I found out! :)
Well, shut it down.. I don't know why, but some readers probably reported it I guess and there it went.. it sucks, but I've started a new one: :)

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