Thursday, September 10, 2009


elin kling.

now this is my idea of perfection. just look at elin's outfit! it's so good (especially the zara top), and you cannot even see her shoes (which were killer black whyred ankle boots).

i want to put this on and wear it everyday. the end.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Slim, SLEEK, and Stylish =)

I love her as well, she's got that whole 'effortless chic' thing down pat!


Jacqueline said...

yeah, that outfit would look so fab on you caylee!

Anonymous said...

oh god i need that zara top in my life.

Taylor B. said...

Those shoulder pads scare me!

sofiasophie said...

indeed, the zara top is cool!!!

MB_ said...

Oh i love the outfit!!

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Liz and I'm from California. I just started coming to your blog and I really love it, its become one of my favorites. Its so my type of style and you always look so great :) good job.

Antonio Barros said...

She looks great!

Sarah A. said...

so well done - i actually blogged about an almost identical outfit earlier this summer but i almost like this one more!

KLEE said...

she has great style

Allegra said...

I totally adore the shoulder paaads!

Kristina Krug said...

Shoulder pads are so in! Velvet as well!
-Beauty Revolution Magazine-

Taylor Sterling said...

I adore this look. I just don't think I could get away with it. You could!! xx

xtinagirl said...

I dig the shorts!


miss_vogue said...

that top is from zara! wow. shes great!

wolfwhistle said...

She looks amazing. That top is from Zara?! It looks so expensive!

Claudette said...

I tried this top on and it looked ridiculous on me. But she looks great.

caylee said...

fashion chalet - yes, yes, and yes! she really does. she's been one of my faves for a long time now; ever since knightcat did that post about her!

jacqueline - aww thank you! oh how i wish i owned it =)

anon 11:12 - tell me about it.

taylor b. - lol. they excite me!

sofiasophie - very very cool =)

mb_ - me toooo!

anon 5:16 - hi liz! thank you so much; it means a lot to me to have great readers like you!! =)

antonio barros - she always does!

sarah a. - it really is. it's funny how even early in the summer we were getting a head start on fall trends!

klee - i couldn't agree more.

allegra - me too! i just purchased some; can't wait to play with them.

kristina krug - yes; i just bought shoulders pads and i own some velvet leggings, and i can't wait to try both of them for fall!

taylor sterling - aww, thank you! i'd like to think i could, haha. it takes confidence, and people here in indianapolis would sure look at the shoulder pads and think i'm crazy =)

xtinagirl me too! i almost bought them when i was in chicago, but decided against because i wanted to buy stuff for my fall/winter wardrobe instead.

miss_vogue- yes, and if there was a zara near my home i'm sure i would own this top! lol

wolfwhistle - yes, it is! ahh zara is so amazing.

claudette - aww, i'm sorry! maybe you just thought it looked ridiculous when it really didn't =)

Casey @ Hudson Jeans said...

don't even get me started. i friggin stalk her.

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