Monday, September 14, 2009

a closer look.

(sources - fashionista, nylon, hanneli)

LOVE these behind the scenes and crowd shots from alexander wang. we get to see even more little details of our favorite looks, and the last one, taken by model/blogger hanneli, is just breathtaking.


Jacqueline said...

wow, love the last shot!

Barbro Andersen said...

Great pictures!

ak said...

really great shots. i sometimes like seeing the runway empty better

Morning Glory said...

Just found your fabulous blog! Definitely bloglovin' it. Thanks for posting the Wang polaroids. It's great to see another version of all the back stage mayhem.

Sarah A. said...

youre right - that last one is amazing.

leflassh. said...

i love all the polaroid shots! so cute.

E said...

I can't get over how many bloggers are at fashion week this year!

UXIETTA said...

i follow you honey! love your style and pics!

i'll be back soon!

Allegra said...

love the braids!

KLEE said...

i love alexander wang's collection!

CHICMUSE said...



Lizzie said...

After seeing this, I already miss the A/W grunge-y Wang, but this is fresh and clean for S/S.

kpeach said...

Amazing photos-just shows they're gorgeous from any angle...

The style strutter said...

I love the backstage ones too, I always think theyre better than official ones:)!!

Fashion Chalet said...

Wang is/was/will always be awesome!


JadeRose said...

Love these behind the scene shots. Adds another dimension to what was a show to remember :))

j-shan said...

wow i love the polaroid shots!!

caylee said...

jacqueline - it's so amazing.

barbro andersen, ak - thanks guys! they really are some great pictures.

morning glory - aww thank you! i think i love the backstage ones even more =)

sarah a. - yes yes yes it is.

leflassh. - i got so excited when i saw them!

e - i know, so amazing right? it must be nice!

uxietta - aww thank you!

allegra - oh i know; they are so good. i really want to try it.

klee - i always do too!

chicmuse - exactly!

lizzie - i definitely like grungy, dark wang but everything he does is amazing so i'm in love with this too. haha

kpeach - so true!

the style strutter - i couldn't agree with you more.

fashion chalet - yep!

jaderose - sure does. =)

j-shan - i know; they look so cool!

Isaure. said...

very cute shoot


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