Saturday, September 05, 2009


H&M trend silk batwing blouse; DIY destroyed cutoffs; forever 21 tribal leaf necklace, studded watch, and black oval ring; target tights; alice + olivia for payless buckled wedge boots.
  • the new blouse, the new boots, the new wardrobe staples.
  • i realize there's a shred of denim hanging off of my shorts. it wouldn't stay tucked in and i keep forgetting to cut it off. maybe i should just go with it? ha.
  • got another "i think you are an awesome girl" blog award, this time from fashionwithoutguilt. thank you! xoxo
  • still desperately seeking THIS blazer. has anyone seen it at their H&M (it's from the trend line) that would be willing to ship it to me?
  • while we're at it, one more favor...can someone invite me to the fashion spot? pretty please? =)
  • the ali stephens/numero toyko editorial has been blowing my mind, and erika from fashionchalet created this amazing collage today, now my new desktop background. i've been staring at it for a while. why can't leather pants, a crop top, and fur be practical? hmph.


♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm using it as my Desktop too, initially I made the Ali collage when I bored of my Alexa one... but then thought, what the hey, why not share it with all? ;)

So glad you liked it. THANKS!

I love,love,love those booties, and those cut offs over the tights. (WISHING IT WAS COLD HERE ALREADY...SIGH!)


caylee said...

fashion chalet - you're welcome, and thanks so much for sharing! i think it will be my background for a while.
and ahh, the booties. they are so comfortable, it shouldn't be legal! i can imagine that miami is still scorching hot. it's really hot here during the day, but at night it's getting cooler and cooler (high 50s) and i'm loving it.

Noir Blanc Et Rouge Partout said...

i m
s u c k e r
f o r
d e n i m
c u t o f f s.
h a v e
t o o
m a n y
t o c o u n t.


Studded Hearts said...

Love it! Boots are killer.


Studded Hearts

alanna said...

im desperately waiting for fall, and in the meantime, your style is a fabulous inspiration
those boots are AMAZING

Veronica said...

the boots are awesome and i LOVE the tribal necklace.

and just like you're dying for the one blazer, i'm DYING for the H&M black boyfriend blazer you have on in a previous post. no H&M down here in south florida :(


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Your new boots look lovely! Great job on destroying those cut offs :)

Domennie said...

love the denim shorts paired up with a pair of tights;)

Karen said...

Helloooooo!! yea I too have been staring HARD at that editorial. It's breath taking isn't it?

Fur/faux fur never gets old to me when dressed down. The ultimate urban glam.

Shorts and tights is my fave combo when it gets cooler!! Love it on you!!!!!!!


xtinagirl said...

Ooooh I just adore your shoes! And that's so cool, they're from Payless! :)


Jeniffer said...

i love all your daily style.. your mostly monochome, layers, awesome shoes.. i've also been hunting BF blazer just like the one you are seeking... and i've been searching for cutout short jeans, or planning to make one... you wore it awesomely...

Nita-Karoliina said...

You have amazing style!!
Link change?

Frickys said...

Check your email ;)

The boots - <3!!!

Patricia Ann said...

You should e-mail the blog Gimme Gimme about it. She does a service where you can ask her to look for the item online and offline for a fee and who knows, love the blazer that much it might be worth it. :)

Saw those boots at Payless. They looked a bit odd there but looks great on you. :)

Dylana said...

Your boots are fabulous! I need to check out Payless soon! And that ALi Stephens desktop wallpaper is amazing. Love her look in that editorial!

KLEE said...

that boots are fab!

Monika P. said...

I adore your necklace. Why we don't have Forever 21 store in Europe :(? I like your style a lot!

Heini said...

Looking good :)

Denise said...

this look is simply amazing. LOve the boots.

Antonio Barros said...

Wooow! You look amazing!!!
Great outfit!

She's Dressing Up said...

Amazing outfit, love your blog =]. The shorts are perfecto

elora said...

hey caylee... i'm actually finally a member of thefashionspot. once i figure out how to send an invite, you're the first on the list!

elora said...

actually, i just figured it out. let me know if you get the invite. or let me know if you don't get the invite. i'm a little confused about it haha. it should be in your email.

sofiasophie said...

really cool outfit!
you look gorgeous

Helen said...

love those boots! im thinking about getting them off ebay.. very tempting now that i see them on you =D


The style strutter said...

LOVE that outfit!!! the cut offs and the boots are just gorgeous:)!!

Francheska said...

niiiiiceee outfit ! love it

let me know if you still need an invite to fashionspot.
id be happy to send you one!

kalai said...

love the diy cutoffs.. they look really good.. xx

Phoebe Rose said...

this is my fave look yet - those boots are beyond cool!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur boots so much hun!!! xxx

wreckedstellar said...

love your diy shorts- great job and love those boots! glad i just found your blog :)

The Lady said...

Ok so I'm going to bullet point this so it doesn't end up like a zillion paragraphs long :)

*I just discovered your blog and think you are amazing!! I love the way you put things together :)

*I also work for H&M! Smalll world..kinda? Does your whole paycheck go back to the same place it came from, too? hehe

*Thank you for posting those Payless boots! I'd been contemplating the Jeffrey Campbell ones but $50 compared to $200 is soo much better :)

*Also, I live in NYC, if I see that trend blazer anywhere I'll let you know! <3

AK said...

Just found your blog- love it! Can't wait to keep reading! Rockin' outfit!

Ghizlane & Feriel said...

lovin' the boots, got the same exact ones, plus another pair of alice & olivia boots at payless--they are super comfy!
and girl you are lucky you have an h&m! we don't have one here in Austin (might be for the better though, all my paychecks would disappear).
xo G.

Lainey said...

You look amazing as always! Those boots are killer! I love the patent look to them. And definitely keep the loose strands falling from the shorts. It gives it a more distressed feel.

C said...

the boots are lush! i love the strappy detail.

Lori said...

if you didnt get your invite yet to TFS email me and I'll send you one:

i love those shorts btw ;)

Jacqueline said...

shorts & tights look so good on you!

wanna see a girl rompin around in the garden?

visit me at

emily said...

aaaah those boots are epic. and congrats on getting the award again! you must be super-awesome. ;)

caylee said...

nior blanc et rouge partout - haha me too, and i'm trying to get as much wear out of them as i can before it gets too cold.

studded hearts - thank you! i'm so obsessed with these boots; you'll be seeing them a lot. haha =)

alanna - i cannot wait either, and thank you so so much!

veronica - thank you! i'm so sad the necklace is tarnishing =( and i'm sorry you don't have an H&M! i would gladly buy you one from my store and ship it to you, but it's a few months old and we're already sold out.

lions, tigers, and fashion OH MY! - thank you! i'm kinda proud of my exacto knife skills on these ones, lol.

domennie - thank you! it's always been a favorite pairing of mine =)

karen - "helloooooooo!" - LOL! i think that's exactly what i love about it; the fact that it's glam but it's all dressed down (just my thing). and thank you so much! xoxo

xtinagirl - thank you!

jeniffer - aww thank you so much! i do stick to a neutral palette, basics, layers, and yes, i like to amp it up with the shoes =) haha. as for the blazer, i guess you could say we found the perfect BF blazer, because H&M does sell it, but now we have to get lucky and find it in-store. probably won't happen since it's a few weeks old, and stuff flies out of their stores like crazy. i think you should make your shorts from old jeans you rarely wear. it's free!

nita-karoliina - thank you so much! yeah, shoot me an email so i can get your link!

frickys - hey! i didn't get an email from you...what was it?

patricia ann - yeah, she is doing that for shoppers overseas though. i'm not looking to pay anyone to go out of their way to find it for me; i'm just looking for someone who might have seen it at their store and is willing to ship it to me. and i'm just asking everyone so i have a better chance. but thank you!

dylana - thank you! i know; i can't stop staring at my background. haha.

klee - thank you!

monika p. - thank you! lol, i wonder the same thing about why we don't have amazing stores like COS!

heini, denise, antionio barros, she's dressing up - thank you guys!

elora - i got it elora, thank you so much! you're the best =)

sofiasophie - thank you!

helen - ohh i didn't see any one eBay, but i'm sure some will be up there soon!

the style strutter - thank you!

francheska - thank you! and i already got an invite. everyone is so helpful!

kalai - thank you!

phoebe rose - aww thank you!

fashionjazz - thanks jasna! xoxo

wreckedstellar - thank you! so glad to have you here =)

the lady - *thank you so much!
*lol, it is a small world! i think we work for one of the most amazing companies out there. yesss, my whole paycheck pretty much goes right back into the hands of H&M, haha.
*you're welcome! i can't believe i'd never seen them either. $50>$200 anyday of the week, haha.
*you are seriously amazing, thank you!

AK - thank you so much! i'm so glad that you like it.

ghizlane & feriel - thank you! aren't you glad you got them? yes, they are surprisingly really comfortable. what other ones did you get? the wedges with the sock? or the studded sandals? and i keep finding out that all of these other big cities don't have an H&M yet little ol' indianapolis does...but i'm not complaining, haha! my paychecks do completely disappear there, but my employee discount helps =)

lainey - aww thank you! i'm usually not into patent; i'm more of a matte kinda girl, but i really like it on these. and i'm thinking i just might keep the strands there after all =)

c - i know; it's all about the details and i love the buckles and straps on these.

lori - i got one, but thank you so much!

jacqueline - thank you!

emily - i'm so in love with them. and thank you! lol, i must be, since i got two "awesome" awards. haha. =)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing.

Ghizlane + Feriel said...

yesss, the ones with the socks, but i cut out the socks completely so now they are just ankle booties, so much better! h&m is totally addicting (i hit 5 h&m's in one hour while in munich one day--that kind of addicting) but definitely helpful that you have a trusty employee discount!
keep rockin' the outfits!
xo G.

Ash Fox said...

those boots are insane! love this outfit from top to bottom.


betty | said...

great outfit!

YAIYA said...

great outfit!

Trendy Girl said...


i love your blog! your outfit is great!

caylee said...

anon 11:13 - aww thanks =)

ghizlane + feriel - oh awesome! i thought about purchasing those and doing the exact same thing since they do indeed look so much better without the sock. and they are comfy?! i had my doubts about those ones, haha. and i'm sure that if there were even 5 H&M's that close to me that i would hit them up in an hour =)

ash fox, betty, ya|ya, trendy girl - thaaaank you!

Taylor Sterling said...

you know why I love your blog- b/c you make inexpensive clothes look stylish! I mean payless shoes...those are amazing! You look so beautiful!

Maria said...

The killer boots!! Such a great buy. The look even better on.

Maggie said...

Hi Caylee, u r rockin these outfits! Agreed with Maria, those boots look more awesome when worn.

Thanks for ur invite, i m much appreciated! <3

Johanna said...

I love the boots!

caylee said...

taylor sterling - aww thank you! i may not have the most amazing closet, but i too think you can look stylish on a budget! you just have to try a little harder than those who can afford designers =)

maria - yes, i'm way too excited about them. i fell in lust with them after seeing them, but fell in love when i saw them on.

maggie - hi maggie! thank you so much =) and you're very welcome. i'm so happy we're part of tFS now!

johanna - meeee too! lol.

Frickys said...

It was the invite for TFS... hope you got it ;)

Fashion Without Guilt said...

Thank you Caylee for mentioning in your post. You have a great blog and keep up the great work.

Claudette said...

Awesome boots! I need them.

caylee said...

frickys - i never got the email, but i did get an invite from another reader, so it's ok. and thank you though!

fashionwithoutguilt - you're welcome! thanks for the award =)

claudette - you do, they are basically perfect.

josephine said...

I ordered those boots a while ago! I keep checking my order tracking! It's taking foreverrrrrr

elk said...

yeh, ok shouldnt have looked at your blog.. now i want those boots!
check out, outfit post up

Casey @ Hudson Jeans said...

cayleee! i just got those JC boots too from nastygal! love the way you styled

The Lady said...

Are you still looking for the nude trend blazer!? We have a ton here in Tokyo!!

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