Friday, August 28, 2009

the windy city.

(pictures by nathan and i; i kept them small since there's so many of them)

ahh chicago. such a beautiful place, isn't it? and it's been only hours away from me this whole time. i think the reason i fell in love on my first trip there is the fact that it's big city and has so many things to offer that indianapolis doesn't (hello beach & lake michigan! hello shopping!), but is still in the midwest and feels like home.

we (my boyfriend and i) walked all around the city, visited the beach for a bit, shopped, went 94 floors up to the top of the john hancock center (the skyscraper in the very first picture. not as high as the sears tower; which, by the way, you can see in the background of some of my pictures), and of course ate pizza (so good, although i had NY style; i don't do chicago-style deep dish).

mind you, this was my visit to an H&M that sells the trend line, a zara, a barneys new york, an american apparel - heck, it was first time seeing designer boutiques like YSL and chanel! in barneys, i just walked around in a daze touching huge knit stella mccartney caridgans, rick owens leather jackets, supersoft the row tees; anything i could in the short amount of time my boyfriend let me walk around in there, haha. i had an amazing time, and there's so many things we didn't get the chance to do, so i can't wait to go back this winter.

better pictures of the outfit i wore (plus outfit details) sometime this weekend.

xxx caylee


Barbro Andersen said...

Can I join you? :D Looks so beautiful!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Deep-dish pizza is the only way to go!

Black White & Red All Over said...

s e e i n g
t h e
b a r n e y s
m a k e s
m e
h a p p y.


Grace said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your time in Chicago!

Love Grace.

Jacqueline said...

i love pizza. thick crust/deep dish with extra cheese please! you are too cute! let me know if you add me to your blog roll and i will add you to mine.

melissa said...

I love the outfit you chose to visit Chi-town! Is that a white open front cardigan? It looks lovely.

Great pictures, too. You definitely had a lot of fun "firsts" on your trip :)

It sucks that you didn't find the things you wanted in zara/h&m, but you guys had a grand ol' time anyway, lol!!

Christina Dee said...

gorgeous. im dying to go to the windy city..or just that side of the US in gen. lol.

love the outfit, as always!

Lainey said...

I've always wanted to go to Chicago! It looks like you had a great time! And looked good while doing to boot! Love the outfit. And I too, prefer NY style pizza to the deep dish.

Studded Hearts said...

Wow! Chicago looks beautiful! Love to go there someday.
You look gorgeous.


Studded Hearts

Stephanie H said...

Wow the city looks so pretty and the water looks so blue :D
I'm really happy that you had lots of fun and the pizza looks delicious by the way

Also, I can't wait for the outfit pictures from what I see you look amazing as always

Lori said...

glad you enjoyed chicago (my home ;)

cute outfit!

leflassh. said...

the pictures are amazing, looks so beautiful, & you lady look amazing yourself!!
glad you had fun :)

Frickys said...

Love the idea of the cardigan under your blazer!

Natalie said...

Such a cute outfit, i love ur little ankle boots!
and i absolutely love Barney too!


stylorectic under medical treatment said...

oww,how i would love to be on the road.sadly i stuck is a bitch.
i am happy for you that you had fun babe!

sofiasophie said...

pics are great,
I don't know why but I didn't imagine Chicago was like that.....

CANDY DOLL said...

Lovely photos!

Sophia said...

these photos are amazing! especially the ones with the bird's eye view of the city.

your outfit is great too. loving the layers and thrown together minimal look.



Oh girl i love the pictures u made <3 also ur outfit, especially the booties, big up!

The Queen of Hearts said...

Chicago is fabulous. I was fortunate to stay both times on Lakeshore aka the Gold Coast and I actually ordered my YSL Tribute Pumps from that very YSL store! There's something so magical about waking up to a 20th floor view of Lake Michigan. Breath-taking.

M said...

wow ive stumbled on a gold mine!!
this blog is rad i heart Shicargo too

caylee said...

barbro andersen - lol, i can see why you would want to! it's an amazing place.

curlyfrySC's collage - hmm i beg to differ. =) i love me some thin slices of NY style cheese pizza!

black white & red all over - me too. although i'll probably never get to purchase anything from that amazing store. =(

grace - i had such a wonderful time; thank you!

jacqueline - pizza is my absolute favorite food, but i like mine thin crust (extra cheese too, though!). and thank you! =) i will check out your blog asap.

melissa - thank you! yes, it is a sleeveless open front cardigan that drapes a lot in the front. i'll post better pics soon. and i had so many fun firsts that it was worth it, even though i didn't find those things!

christina dee - haha, well i'm dying to visit the west coast! i went to san diego when i was in the fourth grade, but i don't remember a bit of that trip. and thank you! =)

lainey - me too, and i'm so glad i went. you should sometime if you can, it's an amazing city! thank you, and i'm so glad someone likes NY style with me, hahaha =)

studded hearts - it really really is! i would absolutely love to visit your beautiful country of australia someday =) and thank you!

stephanie h - i know; that's really the main reason i fell in love - the amazing city right there on the beautiful lake. & thank you so much! (p.s. yes that pizza was delicious)

lori - i did, thank you! you are so lucky that you live in such an amazing city. i really hope that i can continue to visit on a regular basis.

leflassh. - thank you thank you! xxx

frickys - thank you! i thought it added a nice touch; it was almost like a scarf!

natalie - thank you! i can't say enough good things about these boots - i mean, i walked around chicago in them for nearly 8 hours! and barneys, oh barneys. =)

stylorectic under medical treatment - awww. well i only went to chicago because it was just a four hour drive from my home. otherwise, my money situation is keeping me from traveling too, so i feel your pain =( but thank you so much eszter!

sofiasophie - thank you! i did, but then again i didn't. i was pleasantly surprised, and definitely fell in love with chicago.

candy doll - thank you!

sophia - thank you! i'm not much of a photographer, and these were taken with my crappy little point-and-shoot digital camera, but i'm pretty happy with the outcome =) and i'm so excited that the weather is cooling down, because i love layering!

,my fashoinality - aww thank you!

the queen of hearts - aww how cool! we didn't stay up there, but i can imagine what you mean. i would seriously love to live in that amazing city one day.

M - aww thank you so much; it means a lot! and LOL, i don't know if you mispelled chicago or meant to spell it "shicargo", but i got a good laugh out of it anyway! =)

effy said...

omg, i want to travel ! i need to, lol, that please look so relaxing and clean haha

rachael said...

Caylee, you should go to nyc. Everyone should visit. It's amazing. Best city in the world!

cody said...

love your blog.
great outfit.

xx cody

Mila said...

Awesome photos!
LOVE the outfit

Karen said...

So nice to see you outdoors and out and about.

Your lovely : ))

Can you check at work about that sequin shoulder Tshirt dress that I have that you like? I like as much as the photo print!! you NEED one of these two in your closet!!

K x

caylee said...

effy - lol, it is so nice to just get away, even if for just a day and to a city that's only hours away, like chicago was for me! and it was really clean, and really relaxing; i loved the big city feel and down-to-earth, midwest feel all mashed up into one.

rachael - oh you have no idea how much i want to go to NYC! i would go crazy, lol.

cody - thank you!

mila - thank you!

karen - aww thank you! i do get out haha, just usually without the camera. and my store is SOLD OUT of that sequin tee/dress. it didn't have much hanger appeal but i should never judge like that, and i always do and it gets me into situations like this! plus i thought it was a tee and didn't realize it could be worn as a dress (it looks so good on you)! ahh oh well. we just got in a sequined vest that i'm contemplating =)

Allegra said...

I would give everything to be there too!!

The style strutter said...

amazing pics! and i love ur boots!! gorgeous:)!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

ahh the Windy City- I've never been, that pizza sure looks delicious though.

And I know what you mean about BARNEYS!! I used to work there, in Miami. Boy oh boy did my paychecks go back to the store, and then some. ;)

Going to work was never work. I shopped and got to style. I loved it there. No to mention, morning shift was the best. I got to see everything first, in total peace and quiet. SIGH....


Neekoh said...

I absolutely looooove Chicago! Went there for the first time this summer, too, and I'd seriously consider moving there.

emily said...

sounds like you had loads of fun! ;)

Yellow Cab said...

ooo, i have been in chicago. such an amazing city.
and from the hanckock the city is just wonderful. lovee all photos.

Xo, YC.

caylee said...

allegra - aww! it really is an amazing city.

the style strutter - thank you!

fashion chalet - i did not know that you worked at barneys! how cool?! i do know exactly what you mean by your paychecks going right back into the company, lol, and how most times work doesn't feel like work. even when it's busy (i.e. stressful!), i still love being in my store, but yes, the morning peace is the best! haha.

neekoh - i'd consider it too!

emily - i did, i did =)

yellow cab - yes it is! i would have loved to have been up there at night and see the city all lit up, and i think i just might do that next time i go back. =)

fashionable palette said...

I have always wanted to visit Chicago, but have yet to looks like a marvelous city. Great shopping, food, and architecture... what more could a girl want?!


caylee said...

fashionable palette - oh me too; that's why i jumped on the chance to visit when i could. seriously, i fell in love for all of those reasons, plus lake michigan is just the icing on top the cake!

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