Sunday, August 30, 2009


H&M divided black boyfriend blazer and bodycon ribbed knit skirt; forever 21 v-neck tee, sleeveless draped cardigan, cross necklace, studded watch, and black oval ring; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; nine west wedge boots.

here's better pictures the outfit i wore to chicago last weekend; lots of comfortable and lightweight layers. this forever 21 cardigan almost looks like a scarf, doesn't it? i've been playing around with it alot; it's such a great piece. and i can't say enough good things about these boots - they kept me painless the 8+ hours we walked around that city! i'm also really loving the transition into fall and the fact that chicago was cool enough to wear an outfit like this. indiana is slowly cooling down, and my closet is slowly filling up with cold-weather clothes.

this is what i purchased in chicago: silk batwing blouse (already worn it twice, so perfect), and the light skinny jeans (which i'm thinking about destroying the hell out of). the dark ones i actually i bought at my store; the fading is so cool and they look amazing with just a white tee and black blazer (you'll probably see that outfit soon! haha).

until next time ♥


Ashley said...

The draped white cardi is a very unexpected piece in this outfit but it totally works and makes the outfit that much more amazing.

alanna said...

i agree with ashley- the geometry of it makes the outfit incredible

Antonio Barros said...

I agree with Ashley too! :)


Awesome boots!

Jacqueline said...

love the boots on you! they are perfect!

see a girl in heels playing tennis!

Lilee said...

love the high waisted pencil skirt and that darling white scarf!

Girl next blog said...

Great blog!

Karen said...

GREAT outfit!!!!

I LOVE high waisted skirts so damn much. There's a stretchy one by American Apparel I'm two seconds away from caving with and getting.

ps. LOVE the jeans.

Karen x

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

perfect outfit, love the flowing layers!

Anonymous said...

You are a master of layering! The different lengths and textures are such great touches, and the black, gray white color scheme ties everything in perfectly.

It would be awesome to go shopping with you. You always pick out the best pieces!

clash of cooper said...

fierce boots, lovely hair


Studded Hearts said...

Nothing better than layers for transitional weather


kiah k. said...

LOVE the boots!

sofiasophie said...

It is a good idea to destroy the jeans , but be careful on HOW you do it....

Nerdic.. said...

I adore highwaisted skirts! Lovely outfit!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Lo said...

Love the boots




Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

love your style - so effortless but beautiful! stylish and classic but with an edge :)

can't wait to see the dark jeans/white tee/blazer outfit, sounds like one of my own favourite outfits, but the jeans are ripped & shredded.

love the long cardi with that outfit - i would never have thought of that! and it really transforms the whole look.

♥ Hannah



leflassh. said...

the boots are amazing, and i love the white cardi, the whole outfit looks fab!

xtinagirl said...

Love your shoes!!


Taylor Sterling said...

I love the layers girl. I also like that is from Forever?! You have fab style!!xoxo

Stephanie H said...

You are seriously so gorgeous, the outfit is both simple and classic with added edginess love everything about it.
Plus, I want those boots so badly !
Ahh I think I just fell in love,
were those a recent buy by any chance?

Ashleigh said...

Love how you always make such simple/basic items look so chic ;)

and arent the f21 tees the best! I like them more than the AA ones!

Poisoned Amour said...

loving the blazer + skirt. really great.
nice purchases from chicago as well :)

charlene said...

love the boots and you're looking so chic my dear!


LAYNE said...

hope chicago was amazing. I was there all summer with a fashion marketing internship. I plan to go back once i graduate :)

you are sooo very pretty!


bryna said...

i really LOVE your boots.

caylee said...

ashley, alanna, antonio barros - thank you so much guys! i thought the silhouette was fun and different, and i loved wearing it =)

my fashoinality, jacqueline - thank you!

lilee - thank you! it's actually a really long, sleeveless cardigan, but i love how it looks like a scarf too =)

girl next blog - thank you!

karen - aww thanks karen! i know exactly what AA stretchy skirts you are talking about; at the price they are, you should totallly get one (or two!). and you could easily pair it with tights and boots for fall. i've already worn the dark faded jeans; LOVE them!

lions, tigers and fashion OH MY! - thank you!

anon 11:23 - aww, i'm not really the master, lol, but thank you! i do love how this outfit came together though =) and i love H&M and forever 21 (obviously, lol), but my favorite part is picking through all of the crap to find the really good stuff.

clash of cooper - thank you!

studded hearts - agreed! that's why fall and spring are the best seasons, fashion-wise =)

kiah k. - thank you!

sofiasophie - oh i know, i don't want to ruin them. that's why i'm still contemplating it =) but i've done other jeans and some shorts with an exacto knife and some sand paper, and loved the results. here's to hoping that if i do do these jeans, it turns out just as good!

nerdic. - i love them too! they are so flattering on all shapes. and thank you =)

lo - thank you!

hannah @ LONDON--ROSE - aww thank you so much! it really means a lot. i actually wore that dark jeans/tee/blazer combo (a favorite combo of mine as well!) yesterday and loved it. i'll hopefully get that outfit posted up here soon.

leflassh. - thank you dajana! xoxo

xtinagirl - thank you!

taylor sterling - thank you! yes it is f21...i love it too; i got it back in may, and sadly, like all of my f21 jewelry, it's starting to tarnish =( oh well.

stephanie h - wow, thank you so much! yes, i just bought these boots two weeks ago from and they are still for sale on their website! (p.s. they're almost too comfortable for their own good, haha)

ashleigh - aww thank you ashleigh =) and yes, f21 tees are the best; so soft yet they're like what, $6?! amazing!

poisoned amour - thank you!

charlene - thank you!

layne - oh wow, how cool! that internship sounds right up my alley (i'm a business marketing/management major). i can see why you would want to go back; i wouldn't even mind moving up there myself, it's so amazing. but i can't leave my peeps in indiana, not yet anyway, haha.
and thank you so much =)

bryna - thank you!

Dylana said...

Such an effortlessly cool look! You are so pretty! Great blog! I am following you now!

Carolina Botelho said...

u are really beautiful :) xx

caylee said...

dylana, carolina botelho - aww thanks guys! =)

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