Monday, August 03, 2009

this or that.

(source - anywho)

not sure what's better, the cut-out bodycon dress, the peach top, or that draped jacket/cardigan. probably going to have to go with the amazing jacket. i can't wait for fall layering.


leflassh. said...

oh peach top is gorgeous. i keep saying i need more of those colours in my closet. so pretty & the jacket is brill.

Elegant Unique said...

my vote os for the draped jacket - so versitle.

Lilee said...

love the blog! i'm so following!

sanna said...

love it!

thischicksgotstyle said...

The outfit in the first picture is amazing!!

stilettostetico said...

Mmmh Actually this peach top sounds as a (delightfully) fruity foreshadowing of Fall . . .
ps: Woooop just in case I've dedicated a little commented link to your blog on "stilettosteticooooo" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Caroline Robianto said...

love the first one, but i love the second's pants :D

Caroline Robianto said...

i love the first one :D

Maren said...

I am in love with the dress, but would probably opt for the jacket. All about the layering.

bárbara said...

para mi resulta perfecto el baggy pant

Ava said...

Love the strong straps on the neck of the bandage dress, and the jacket paired with it is INCREDIBLE! I'm definitely getting inspired for cooler weather :)


Lily said...

I am in love with that peach top..the shape is absolutely gorgeous.

caylee said...

leflassh - oh my god i know, it's incredible. and i keep saying that too, but it's not happening, lol. i just keep buying lots of gray, black, white, and nude! oh well. that's probably why i love that amazing jacket the most =)

elegant unique - agreed! it's so freaking amazing.

lilee - aww thank you so so much! =)

sanna - meeeee too!

thischicksgotstyle - it really really is. i want both pieces. lol.

stilettostetico - thank you for the awesome shoutout on your blog!! =)

caroline robianto - yeah those pants are amazing too. it all is!

maren - my thoughts exactly.

bárbara - i love those perfect baggy pants too, but i already have a pair kinda-sorta like them. that's why my fave piece is the jacket. =)

ava - yesss. they are both so good. especially the jacket. ahh i cannot wait for fall either!

lily - i know, it's so gorgeous. the color and the shape are just too good together.

Zoe Rosenberg said...

I love the necklines! its structured but so beautiful. I love your blog! Check out mine! I just started it :)

rickyjames said...

i totally agree that jacket is fucking awesome..

Maria said...

i vote for the first outfit.

Betsy said...


Blicious said...

LOVE them both!!!

great blog!

please check out my giveaway!! xoxo

- Daniela - said...

love your style! I have the same leaf necklace from froever 21..don't u just love them? so cheap =)
i've linked u!!

Alexandra said...

I love the jacket the best, it'd be so versatile!

yourstokeep said...

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caylee said...

zoe rosenberg - i know, that's what i love about it too! i would love to check out your blog; i'll do so asap!

rickyjames - it really, really is.

maria - lol. i do too...but it's so tough to choose!

betsy - me too!

blicious - thank you!! i'll do so soon; who doesn't love a giveaway?!

-daniela- - thank you! that's exactly why i love them, cheap and chic. =)

alexandra - it's my favorite piece from these pictures too. oh to have it in my closet...=)

yourstokeep - i love your blog; i've visited often ever since knightcat posted about you. believe me, if there's something i want to buy i definitely will, and i'll keep you guys in mind if i ever have anything to sell =)

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