Wednesday, August 05, 2009

stay tuned.

(source - lefashionimage)
i'm so sorry for being absent from the blog for this long.

i worked this entire past weekend and prepared for a huge final presentation for my summer course that was on monday night. tuesday, a huge storm/tornado came through and knocked my power and internet out. the power is back but i still have no internet - i'm blogging from school!

as you can imagine, this is very painful. i'm having blog and internet withdrawals as we speak.

anyway, i don't know when i will have internet back, but when i do, you guys will know first with a new outfit post.

xxx caylee


Barbro Andersen said...

Thank you, this is awesomeness on it's best :D

One more thing, I would be honored if you would visit my blog - I know you're a big-time blogger, but I chose to try anyways =)

cat said...

good luck on your presentation cayleee! i hope you get your innanetzzz back soon :)


Elegant Unique said...

oh you poor thing! hope everythings ok! look fwd to the new post xx

sofiasophie said...

love tje jacket....
bonne chance!

ATJ said...


I look forward to your next blog.

Maverick Malone said...

whoa, a tornado? scary! Glad I discovered your blog! Gorgeous photo.

xox, mavi

Fashion By He said...

that is just an amazing picture

great lighting...smoking hot girl

josephine said...

beautiful photo!

sanna said...

love this

Anonymous said...

Can't wait til your next post!

caylee said...

barbro andersen - i know, this picture is incredible. and you are so funny. i am not a big time blogger - i just started mine barely two weeks ago! i would love to visit your blog, and will do so soon. =)

cat - thanks cat! i think it went okay =) i finally got the innanetzzz back though - always a cause for celebration.

elegant unique, ATJ - lol, yeah, it's hard to go without the internet for a few days! everything is fine, and thank you - a new post is up! =)

sofiasophie - me too. i love everything about this picture!

maverick malone - yeah it touched down just two minutes from my house! scary stuff. and thank you, i'm so glad to have you here! =)

fashion by he, josephine - it really, really is. it's one of my faves =)

sanna - me too!

anon 6:16 - aww thank you. it's up!

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