Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the ones that got away.

definitely went to chicago this weekend on a mission. well, mission failed.

(source - ellenclaesson)
my first visit ever to a zara store (in a chicago suburb) turned up nothing; lots of amazing pieces of course, but i was looking for this bag but they did not have it.

(source - vanillascented)
nor did they have these boots. damn you zara!

(source - fashionsquad)
at the H&M downtown on michigan avenue (which i want to live in), the first thing i honed in on was this pretty/ugly tee. i picked it up. and then i put it back. why why why! i regret it now; should have bought it on the spot.

(source - elinoryouknow)
didn't see this there.

(source - elinoryouknow)
or this necklace.

(source - hm.com)
or these badass jeans.

i guess this calls for a trip back to chicago soon, if not for these, then for many other goodies i'll lusting over soon. maybe for my birthday (9/15)? ;)

p.s. pictures from my trip up to that beautiful city are coming soon! and i did end up with some pretty cool jeans and a trend blouse from H&M.

p.s.s. does anyone with access to that zara bag and a paypal account (so i could pay you) maybe want to buy that bag and ship it to me? god i would love you till the end.

EDIT: i already have 3-4 people willing to get me that bag...eek! while it's exciting, the last thing i want to do is have more than one person get it, and then someone is stuck with an extra bag...so PLEASE EMAIL ME at cayleemariew@yahoo.com if you are serious so i can let you know if it's a go, or if i have already worked it out with someone else.
THANKS guys, you are amazing.


♥ fashion chalet said...

No tears :( my Zara is always the same andddd Miami doesn't have an H&M can you believe this!!!?!?


ps: word verification: shelogy lol..

Francheska said...

this is seriously great!!
you just listed all the things that you didnt buy!

and i just bought this bag today! they still have a few left... i live in spain.. so it´s also kinda cheaper from here i think however im thinking the shipping will be a waste of money for you!
However if you dont find anyone else closer to you I would be happy to help you out!!!

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

that bag is amazing, i need one! hopefully my local zara will have some... fingers crossed! love your style :)

♥ Hannah ((london--rose.blogspot.com))

ATJ said...

if i find that bag i will happily buy you one, and one for myself!

love love love it.. but may just do a DIY on something similar.

Really enjoy your blog. xx

the Rynham said...

love your blog. those jeans are sick.

Lizzie said...

Omg. I saw that bag last week at the Zara on Herald Sq. I picked it up, looked at it, and then put it back :(

Ugghh, now I'm seriously regretting it :/ I'm going back tomorrow morning to see if they still have it (it was the last one :/). I'll probably check the 5th Ave. locations too. If they have more than one, I will def get it for you (^_^)y

Blicious said...

those boots are yummy!!!!

Antonio Barros said...

Don't regret it! If it did not work now, you have a reason to go to Chicago again... have some fun and perhaps find something even better!

the singular

Brittany said...

Hi, My local zara has some of those bags left I think. I live in the uk so shipping wouldn't be too bad. I will double check tomorrow for you. If not I have one that I might sell. x

Karen said...


I saw that bag the other day at Zara. I picked it up and then put it down. I'm after a large, oversized black bag (aren't we all?).

As for those Zara boots, I tried them on and came THIS CLOSE to getting them. I sometimes wonder if I should've taken them too but one glance at my boot pile has um changed that. I have a sneaky feeling this Fall will reveal some spectacular boots to come though.....

I too love those H&M jeans!!! Makes me want to take a pen to mine and start drawing....

Karen x

Karen said...

zomg you left the photo print dress!!!!!!

sorry, had to add that!

Karen x

caylee said...

fashion chalet - aww, i know you don't have an h&m =( and lol, i'm a little confused...shelogy? haha, i may be missing something or it's over my head, but have no idea what you are talking about.

francheska - lol, it sounds like you are being sarcastic when you say "you just listed all the things you didn't buy!", but i know you aren't =) yeah i am sharing my heartache with everyone else, haha. and i'm so jealous you bought that bag! i don't know what shipping from spain to the U.S. would be...but if i don't find anyone else, you never know how desperate i may get. thank you so much for offering to help!

hanna @ LONDON--ROSE - here's to hoping yours does! it's the perfect bag. and thank you!

ATJ - aww thank you so much! DEFINITELY send me an email at cayleemariew@yahoo.com before you get one though if you do find one; the last thing i want is for more than person to and then have someone be stuck with one.
and i have considered a DIY, but finding the perfect bag for it may be more work than i'm willing to do, lol! and thank you so much - it really means a lot =)

the Rynham - thank you! and i know, i really hope to come across them.

lizzie - aww, that sounds like me and the H&M ocean scene tee! i completely regret not buying it. and thank you so so much for offering to get it for me. PLEASE send me an email at cayleemariew@yahoo.com before you get it, so i can let you know if i have already worked it out with someone else and you don't get stuck with an extra bag.

blicious - yes they are!

antonio barros - my thoughts exactly! i always have something new i'm lusting over =)

brittany - oh i would definitely rather buy the one you have for sell if that's what you want to do, so you are not out any money by having a bag you don't want! let me know if you want to see, cause i'm a willing buyer =) if not, it would be awesome if you could get me one! just PLEASE email me at cayleemariew@yahoo.com before you buy it, because i have two others willing to do so also and i don't want you to get stuck with another bag.
thank you!!

karen - hi karen! aww, well it sounds like you are looking for something different, so it's good that you didn't waste your money on a bag you really didn't want. but i really do want it! it's perfect; just what i am looking for. and lol, you do have the most amazing collection of boots (your topshop ones are very similar to these zara ones!), so i can see why you turned them down. and you are definitely right - something new will come along that we will always be gaga over. and i still can't believe i passed up on that tee! =(

JacquelineRose said...

I am sorry things didn't work out for you caylee, but there always better and newer pieces coming out. We don't have an H & M or a Zara here in Denver, Colorado. I am glad some people are willing to get you that bag you want!

Elegant Unique said...

that sucks caylee - nothing worse than expecting your going to find so much and come out with nothing grrrrr!! if we had zara in australia i would send u some :( haha


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

too bad they didn't have those boots they are sooo nice!

Poster Girl said...

I always see things I like at Zara, then they don't have my size. I have that necklace from H&M, I wear it as a belt. (Found it at H&M in Soho on the sale rack back in May.) Love your style, by the way! Let me know if you'd like to trade links...

Anonymous said...

why would you go to chicago when you could easily go to boston? my friend just got back from there and after visiting the marc jacobs there got a gorgeous snake skin clutch with a gorgeous gold chanel-esq chain for ($30!!!!) i dont know if this as exciting in the states but in canada it is unheard of to hear no tax before $175... screw new york i'm heading out to boston

sofiasophie said...

Are you ready for another trip to chicago?

Zara don't sell online in US?

miky said...

hot stuff!

aimy said...

I live in Boston and I never see the good stuff at Zara either! Maybe it's just timing though.

I saw that photo print H&M tee and got excited, too-- but something just didn't look right! Don't worry, you'll find other things to lust after ;]

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

That "ocean" dress has been seen on two people, already, so it's best that you didn't get it!

Nerdic.. said...

Great stuff, love the blazer and the studded bag!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Charlotte said...

Nothing annoys me more than when you go in a store and they don't have the pieces they've used so heavily in their campaigns! Or they don't carry that line blah blah. My local H&M only does a tiny amount of the divided line, boo! Those Zara boots are sexy how much? And the bag a little Alexander Wang yum.



Ashley said...

Geez they didn't have anything you wanted! I love pretty much every piece you've picked out. I can't wait to go to Zara when I'm in Florida.


caylee said...

jacquelinerose - aww thank you, but it's okay, because you are exactly right - something new and better will catch my attention very soon! it sounds so weird to keep hearing all of these places that don't have stores like zara and H&M when you think they would...i mean, lil' old indianapolis has 2 H&Ms! and i know, people are so incredibly nice; i'm really hoping to find someone to go through with it for me!

elegant unique - i know! i saw so many amazing things, but none of the pieces i was looking for =( oh well. i still had an amazing time in chicago. and thank you for offering to do that, if you could! lol.

lions, tigers and fashion OH MY! - =( i would've snatched them right up.

poster girl - that is always what happens to me at H&M (except for the one i work at - i grab my size immediately sometimes before it hits the floor, lol). and i have seen on the internet someone wearing that necklace as a belt, and it looks really good! if you ever want to sell that necklace...LOL! oh and i'll check out your blog! - i might do a link trade with some readers soon. =)

anon 12:52 - oh i would love to visit boston someday, but living in indianapolis, it's much much easier to drive the 3-4 hours up to chicago - i don't know long it would take to boston, but i know it's not as convenient of a drive as it is to chicago, lol. and they have no sales tax? wow, awesome. i'm sure other taxes make up for it in some way, but you really don't have to worry about it if you are just shopping and don't live there, huh!

sofiasophie - i am i am! lol. despite not finding this stuff, i had an amazing time, the city is beautiful, and the shopping is 1000x better than indianapolis. and no, zara does not have an online store in the U.S.; H&M doesn't either =(

miky - yes it is! i'm still no the hunt for most of it...

aimy - aww. or it could be that, like H&M, a lot of the pieces and lines are store specific - which means some stores (like chicago, and like your store in boston), miss out. bummer.
and i absolutely loved that tee! i put it back, meaning to make another trip around the store and pick it up to try it on, but i think i was distracted by all of the other things around me and forgot. still sad about it, but yes, i think i'm moving on! lol

culryfrySC's college - true, but there's just something about it that calls to me, and apparently to lots of others too! i still wouldn't mind having it. it's so pretty and ugly at the same time.

nerdic - yes! perfect additions to any fall wardrobe.

charlotte - oh i know! but it's all business-minded; if a line is not projected to sell well in a certain store, they aren't going to take the time and resources to put it there. understandable, but it really sucks for us customers! i guess i'm lucky that my H&M carries both of divided lines, but i wish for the trend line everyday, lol. and i'm not 100% sure, but i think i saw somewhere that those boots are $150? sounds about right. and that bag is definitely alex-wang inspired. and that's why i love it even more.

ashley - bummer huh? oh well. i still want everything because it would just all fit into my wardrobe perfectly, but i'm not gonna let it get me down! ohh and have fun in florida!!

Cynthia said...

i want those jeans!!!

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

yeah for some reason when im out looking for things i never find them but of course when im not and have no money i see everything i want. it sucks. well i hope you get the bag!

the diary of a fashion junkie.

Stephanie H said...

I completely feel your pain
After seeing the bag on your blog I had to look for it here, I went to two different H&M's but I still couldn't find it
so sad :(
Question: Curious, how much does the bag go for at Zara, anyone know?

Polished Sense said...

Hi new here! so glad I found your blog, it's fab lady! Anyway I'm sorry your zara trip was not all successful! Maybe next time! Are you from Chicago? I am too! Will be back for more fab posts!


Christina Dee said...

holy moly! im dying to go to Zara's in SF! DYINGGG!


LAYNE said...

first time on ur adorable blog :)

Sorry that Zara was such a disappointment but at least you will probably end up with the bag.. Lucky you.

I spent my entire summer interning in Chicago. Ahhh Chi town is the city for me. :)


*** said...

I hate when shopping trips don't turn up anything on the "wish list".
P.S. Those peep toe boots are very comfortable, much like the ALDOs we have.

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

oh, i hate that.its the same with me.i always have to turn to ebay at the end.sorry didnt see the bag here either...good luck babee!

clash of cooper said...

wow i love everything!! :) and that is hilarious so many people offered to get it for you. how good is that?! loving your blog. keep it up hun


TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Aw that's so sweet of everyone! I really wish there was a Zara in Australia, or an online shop! I hope you have better luck next time with your lusts!

Glowing Doll said...

H&M stock their stores according to demographic. so some stores carry all of their lines including kids wear or others focus maily on their Trend line (catwalk inspired) etc. I have found that even in London you have to go to multiple H&M's to find all of the cool stuff you see advertised and on people's blogs.

It can be a real mission.

hélène said...

oooh i just saw that bag at Zara yesterday when i went
- i live in Paris though!! I can imagine they wouldn't have the same merchandise in a Chicago suburb store...

Other than that, did you enjoy your first ever zara exprience?

smokylash said...

Pretty selection , i prefer the black boots , perfect for the winter !


Tina said...

I just got a Zara gift certificate for my birthday. Might spend it on that bag. We've got so many Zara in town (I live in Stockholm). Love the H&M tee too but I'm pretty sure they're all sold out here.

La Couturier said...

I need everything you've just posted.

That cream blazer, that bag (I dieee!), the boots...

That reminds me: I need to go shopping, like major! (:

La C.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie H -- the bag is like 50 something dollars.

caylee said...

cynthia - me too! i really hope to find them.

ultimate fashion junkie. - ahh isn't that always the case? lol. and thanks; i hope i do too! =)

stephanie h - aww i'm sorry =( wait, you looked for the bag at H&M? because it's zara lol. or maybe i am confused! i heard the bag was around $50 though. not bad at all.

polished sense - awesome! i'm so glad that you are here, and thank you! i am not from chicago; i'm from indianapolis but that's so cool that you are from chicago because on my first trip there last saturday, i fell in love with that city. it's amazing!

christina dee - i'm dying because you have one that you can easily go too. LOL!

layne - hi!! so glad to have you here =) it's ok; yes, hopefully it works out in the end because i need that bag in my life. LOL! and that's awesome that you interned in chicago. i've only been there once now, and i'm completely in love with it. city + beach + incredible shopping + it's still close to home = me really wanting to move there! but i'll probably just visit often.

*** - i know; it's like inevitable. and thanks for letting me know - i'm now considering those boots....

stylorectic under medical treatment - i swear, it happens to us more often than it should! lol. and thank you; fingers crossed =)

clash of cooper - thank you! it really is amazing what people are willing to do for a girl in need, haha =)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather - i know! australia doesn't have a zara? ahh, you feel my pain! lol, & completely agree: at least give us an online shop! =) oh and thank you!

glowing doll - oh believe me i know this, i work for H&M! that's why i went to chicago on a mission - my store doesn't carry trend, and there's does. oh well. guess that means i'm going back again soon!

helene - aww lucky you, did you purchase it? and yes, i'm sure that you have a much better selection in paris than that little zara in the midwest did, haha. i absolutely loved that zara store; it lived up to my expectations and more. now i need one closer to home!

tina - oh you should; the bag is amazing, so alexander wang-ish and only about $50! and you live in stockholm? i'm so jealous! you seriously have the best shopping, designers, and street style over there. i hope to visit one day!

la couturier - lol, meeeee too. it's all still on my wish list; probably will be until something new and covetable comes along and grabs my attention. well, you should definitely do some shopping then! better get that fall stuff before its all gone; that's what i'm thinking!

anon 8:17 - ohhh thanks for clearing that up for us!

Uninvoked said...

I'm not a purse or accessory person of any sort, but I'm seriously digging that purse. *wants* Zara yo say? I shall check it out.

beccau said...

love love love all the things :)

Elen Kristvik said...

i hear ya on the zara boots!

caylee said...

uninvoked - lol. beautiful things like this zara purse will do that to you!

beccau - me too!

elen kristvik - lol. i still hope to maybe fine them...

Fashion Obsessed said...

boots are amazingggg....jeans are out of this fucking universe holyshitt.

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