Friday, August 07, 2009

no sweat.

H&M divided black boyfriend blazer; H&M henley tank; forever 21 harem sweatpants, tribal leaf necklace, and studded watch; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; target bag; aldo lace-up wedges.

i'm baaaaack. =)

this is how i wear sweatpants.

oh, and i forgot to mention that i became STYLE ICON on chictopia last week. yaaaay!


thank you to everyone who became a fan of mine - your support there made me finally decide to start this blog!


Domennie said...

welcome back!teehee:), mog u got the h&M blazer that i've been lusting over for quite a while now..ohh well..definitely looks better on you:)

Elegant Unique said...

good to see youre back online! love the new outfit xx

jennifer said...

is that a women's boyfriend blazer, or a blazer from the men's dept.? so cute, do want.

bárbara said...

me encantan los baggy pant y las sandalias

Frickys said...

Great idea for the sweatpants!
So glad you started this blog, you have some really inspiration ideas. My new fave blog for sure :)

Adding you to my blogroll! Happy if you do the same.

sanna said...

like it!

leflassh. said...

hellooo hotttieeeee,
you always pull out the most fabulous outfits.
love this, very chic.
& also thank you for your adorable comment your too cute :) i hope someone sees it hires me. haha

Phoebe Rose said...

Thats the coolest way to weat sweats!

Isaac Likes said...

You are such a babe!

Fashion By He said...

you always have great looks

keep the hot pictures coming, see what a man thinks...

let me know if you want to link exchange

Fashion Without Guilt said...

Congratulations!!! I love your blog. Your are my ideal style icon. I am very similar in the way I dress, I enjoy solid colors and streamline looks. I see that you are a affordable shopper. Check out my blog for some Affordable Fashion Finds. Tell me what you think. Thanks. I will feature you on my blog soon. I will keep you posted.

xtinagirl said...

Then I love how you wear sweat pants! Looks awesome and I love how it's paired with a blazer-something I'm in dire need of!

I've been waiting foreverrrr to buy those shoes but they're $100 bucks! I'm still waiting but they're super cute.


Tereza Š. said...

congrats for becoming a totally deserv it :)...and I like the way you wear this pants

slowmo said...

wieeee I became your 90'th follower =) I love this blog. Great style, amazing lady. I will follow your blog for further inspiration!

Love from Sweden

Anonymous said...

you really do love those aldos too, huh? you look great!

♥ fashion chalet said...

"Sweat"ing never looked so good ;]

Great way to mix and match luxury ( heels ) with comfortable ( sweats ) and thanks for the lovely comments you're so adorable. :]


Barbro Andersen said...

Awesome outfit!

Midge said...

I have those pants too! Sooo comfy

Becky said...

This outfit is lovely!

Blicious said...

LOVE the way you wear sweats!
:) so cute!

josephine said...

good job pulling off, and pulling together, an outfit with some difficult pants!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You truly deserve style icon status.

Love this sweatpants look too! It doesn't even look like they're sweatpants!

Antonio Barros said...

Amazing pics!!!!
Great blog!!!

I will start to follow!!

Maverick Malone said...

hey caylee! Fab outfit :) love the shoes.

The Divinitus said...

I like!

WendyB said...

Nice look! Like the pants.

Georgia said...

I love love love your necklace!
And your shoes!
It would be mine

caylee said...

domennie - thank you! ohhh i know, i love this blazer. it's looks great one everyone, so you should get one before it sells out!

elegant unique - thaaaaank you!

jennifer - it's a women's boyfriend blazer; it's actually from H&M's divided black line which is a junior's line.

barbara - thank you!!

frickys - wow, thank you! it's great to know that i am an inspiration of some sort because it's usually the other way around; others being my source of inspiration. i'm going to update my blog roll soon, and i'll let all my readers know when! =)

sanna - thank you!

leflassh - aww thanks dajana ♥ aaaaaand you're welcome. i doubt my little comment works, but i would love to think it would! hahaha =)

phoebe rose - thank you!

issac likes, fashion by he - aww thank you =)

fashion without guilt - thank you! i'm honored that you even consider me stylish and that you are going to feature me. definitely let me know when you do that feature. and yes, i love neutral, mostly solid schemes and streamlined looks, and i am probably the most thrifty shopper in the blogosphere, lol =)

xtinagirl - thank you! yes, i think that a boyfriend blazer like this is a wardrobe staple. you should definitely try to find this one from H&M if you can, as it was only $40!! as for the shoes, i'm guessing they'll go on sale reaaaaaally soon to make way for fall shoes. here's to hoping so you can get them!

tereza s. - thank you!!

slowmo - that's awesome! i would have never thought i'd be at ninety followers, let alone after only a few weeks. and thank you so much.

anon 1:19 - oh yes i do. who wouldn't love a shoe that goes with every single thing in her closet and are the thing that really makes her outfits that much better? =) plus, i like to buy only a few shoes that i will wear to death, and not waste money on a lot of shoes that i'll rarely wear.

fashion chalet - lol, thank you erika ♥ i do like the contrast. aaaaaaand you're welcome!

barbro andersen - thank you!

midge - awesome! don't you love them? i feel like i'm cheating when i wear them; that i shouldn't be wearing something so comfortable out in public.

becky - thank you!

blicious - thank you! =)

josephine - thank you!

anon 8:18 - wow, thank you! i know, in pictures they really don't look like sweatpants. but they are, and they're awesome. LOL =)

antonio barros - awesome, thank you!

maverick malone, the divinitus, wendyb, georgia - thank you!

Grace Ives said...

you're really cool
and I'm in love with your shoes here

This is Jade FM said...

hii :)
you really have a good style and i like it :)
i have just started my blog. please check it out..thanks

Mariloé said...

You have such an impressive style. I love the way you are dressed. You always look so fashion with your outfits!
I really like your blog

caylee said...

grace ives, this is jade FM, mariloé - thank you guys!!

Courtney O. said...

i want those shoes... so bad.

Jessica said...

Would never have guessed that those were sweatpants! I really love how you dressed up those harem pants...casual, yet sleek at the same time!! Bravo on this look!! =)

Ashleigh said...

such a sexy, laid back and relaxed look,

caylee said...

courtney o. - lol, i know the feeling. they are still for sale on if you decide to go for it!

jessica - i had a friend say the same thing after seeing a picture of them; she had no idea they were sweatpants. but that's what i love about them! you can easily dress them up. & thank you =)

ashleigh - thank you!! xxx

cat said...

i bought a pair too! except they are tapered all the way down to the ankle.

caylee said...

cat - awesome! i wouldn't mind to have a pair like that as well. they are so comfy, they double as PJs!

catalina said...

LOVE this outfit. those shoes are so great! and wow... ive never seen anyone wear sweatpants so well. love it

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