Thursday, August 20, 2009

i've found you.

H&M L.O.G.G. denim shirt, H&M divided black henley bodycon dress; forever 21 cross necklace and black oval ring; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; nine west wedges.

been waiting and looking forever for the perfect denim shirt, and i jumped for joy when this one made it's way into my store last week. yes, i said my store. if you didn't catch where i work at from this interview, you know now =)
you also know (if you've read any interviews) how obsessed i am with scandinavian fashion and street style - well, with H&M being a swedish company, it makes the kinds of clothes i adore and therefore is my favorite store. it just makes sense that i would work there! lol. i love my job. it's pretty much the closest i will get to working in fahsion in indiana. i can see myself there for a while.

denim shirt part two coming soon, as i've been wearing this thing over everything.

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Alexandra said...

I love the dress! The denim shirt looks great on you.
So jealous of where you work!

Anonymous said...

I want to work at H&M!!

But furrealz though, great outfit.

I have an awesome Current/Elliot denim shirt that is just perfectly faded and loose fitting, but it's way to hot where I live (NY) to wear over anything over anything :(

It's not hot in IN?

Behind The Seams said...

cute wedges!

caylee said...

alexandra - thank you! it's so much fun there; i actually look foward to going to work =)

anon 10:18 - oh believe me, it's unbearably hot and muggy in indiana right now, but i wore this on a night that got down to around 68 degrees, so it was perfect. and i know exactly what awesome current/elliot denim shirt you are talking about...even if it's too hot to wear now, you should get it if you can because it will be a great layering piece in the fall! and like i said, it works for cooler summer nights =)

caylee said...

behind the seams - thank you trang! xxx

Anonymous said...

your really cute, i love your style. just curious, do you wear hair extensions? your hair is so long and pretty.

leflassh. said...

oh, the shirt is amazing caylee!!
looks great on you, and i love the dress + wedges.
also super awesome that you work at H&M i wish australia HAD h&m haha.

Elegant Unique said...

ahhhh it all makes sense! haha love the shirt and love it with the tan shoes - no wonder you always find the best stuff there! :D

Domennie said...

i definitely need to drop by H&M to check this shirt out:)

Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

cool outfits!

Antonio Barros said...

You look great with this shirt!!!

the singular

Kenza said...

Hey !
I just discover your blog and i like it a lot, i add you to my blogroll.
Have a nice day.

Ingrid said...

I also found The Perfect Denim Shirt at H&M :)

It's here!

I'm in love with it.

I'm also in love with your style by the way. :)

x The Showmanship

Poisoned Amour said...

ahh dess + denim= amazing. i love.
this is beginning to be one of my fav's blogs :) yay!
ah so lucky you get to work at h/m, they didnt have any jobs open for me :( and my age group (17) LAME.

Ashley said...

Great outfit, love the wedges.

Mary said...

such a simple yet effective look.

so effortless...
you look great! :)


aimy said...

Awesome, there's an H&M down the street I'll check out during my lunch break :)

Di said...

LuCkY U!!!!!!...jelous for where u work!!!..tHe dReSs iss PeRfEcT!!!...


Kristiane said...

Thats what I call a perfect outfit! gorgeous! Loved your wedges

♥ fashion chalet said...

No fair we don't have an h&m in Miami :( but I do love your shoes and outfit here, dear!!! Lucky ladyyyy!


We Walk In Fashion said...

Simple but great style

Ashleigh said...

yes it IS the perfect denim shirt ;)


Chloe said...

oh my oh my ive been hunting for a denim shirt and after seeing yours ive become more desperate. that is just perfect! it looks great on you!

Lori said...

hope you are having a good time in chicago (i live there ;)

I don't know if its too late to tell you there but there is awesome vintage stores in wicker park which is really close to the city. the stores are around the american apparel there.

C said...

Really nice denim shirt. Even though I live in Sweden (at least for the moment) and visit h&M on a regular basis I haven´t spotted it. Been looking for one as well.

Shin said...

Lovely look! I wish we have H & M here so I can work there too! xxoxoxo

kalai said...

love the shirt and the dress.. i was looking for a denim shirt too^^ ❤

Maria said...

you really found the perfect denim shirt!

I'm still looking.

H&M is great. One of my fav stores! They have it all!

caylee said...

anon 12:03 - thank you! nope, it's 100% real hair that i've been growing out for 7 years. it's naturally thick with a slight wave, and i define some pieces by twirling them around a straightening iron.

leflassh. - aww thank you! you don't have an H&M in australia? wow. they need to get on it! LOL! =)

elegant unique - thank you! and lol, yes, it does make sense =) i get to sort through it all and pick out the best stuff while i'm working!

domennie - yes, do, before it's gone! i hope your store carries L.O.G.G. =)

Belen Vazquez Amaro - thank you!

antonio barros - thank you!

kenza - thank you so much! i'm going to check out your blog too.

ingrid - ohh i really like yours too! what line is it from? i've never seen it in my store...

poisoned amour - aww thank you! lol, yeah they only want 18+ =(

ashley - thank you!

mary - thank you so much, that's exactly what i always go for!

aimy - yes, you definitely should. if not for the denim shirt, for all of the other amazing stuff there.

di - thank you! yes i love my job. =)

kristiane - aww thanks!

fashion chalet - it really isn't fair! i want to start a petition to open one there, lol. but one is opening on orlando this fall. and thank you erika =)

we walk in fashion - thank you!

ashleigh - lol, i agree, thank you!

chloe - you should definitely get this one if you can! if not, zara has a few and you can always check out eBay!

lori - i had a FABULOUS time in chicago! seriously, a little part of me wants to move up there. it's absolutely incredible. i didn't get to check out any vintage stores, but i did go to the american apparel on rush st.

C - ohh i'm jealous, sweden is amazing! this shirt just came out and is from the L.O.G.G. line, so keep checking, you should see it soon (i hope).

shin - thank you! i'm sorry you don't have an H&M. =( it really is a great place to work!

kalai - thank you! i hope that maybe i have found one for you then! =)

maria - thank you! you should try to get this one if you can...really inexpensive! and H&M does have it of the reasons why i love it there so much.

oriwa said...

Your hair is so long and pretty! I recently trimmed mine to keep it healthy, but having major hair envy here!

xx oriwa editorial

Georgia said...

Hmm. Did an outfit post real similiar to this here
Love your rings
It would be mine

caylee said...

oriwa - thank you! i reaaaally need to trim mine, lol.

georgia - they look kinda similar...guess we were inspired by the same kinda thing! button up shirts over body-con dresses are everywhere, but i love the look.

cat said...

no don't cut it! i love your hair, you have beautiful hair!

caylee said...

cat - i pinky promise i'm not going to cut my hair! as long as you don't cut yours... =)

Ingrid said...

It's from Divided. I love the clothes that you can get at H&M stores here! I guess it's because were such a small country so things dont get grabbed too quickly, LOL. I live in Oslo at the moment but I am moving back to London in a week. Yey!

Taylor Sterling said...

just came to your blog for the first time. I have seen your style on Chictopia! Great! Glad to have found your blog. xxTay

caylee said...

ingrid - oh cool! you're very lucky to have a H&M like that; even in my small (compared to others) store, stuff is gone pretty quickly! and lucky you; i would love to visit olso, and london one day. both seriously amazing places.

taylor sterling - aww thank you so much! so glad to have you here =)

Anonymous said...

You can also pull off the "above the knee look" You have nice legs as well.

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