Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hudson jeans.

hudson skinny ankle zip jeans; forever 21 oversized tee, cross necklace, black oval ring, and studded watch; H&M lace bra; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring and filigree ring; target bracelet; aldo lace-up wedges.

casey over at hudson jeans sent me this amazing pair of skinnys you see here.
i've never owned designer jeans, so you can guess that i am very excited (especially since they are hudson's - i mean, have you seen their latest campaign with georgia jagger? gorgeous).
not only are they the softest jeans i've ever touched, but this particular pair has all of these great little details like the destroyed patches, ankle length, ankle zippers, and a dark-but-not-quite-black rinse that i love.
this isn't the last you've seen of them; i have big plans for them in the fall.

thanks again casey =)


Lip Gloss and Mane Toss said...

Love the Hudson jeans. It'd be cool if you shredded them a bit. Needing that hammered knuckle ring.



lin! said...

so cute! they look great on you. im so jealous ;)
love-ly-tm.blogspot.com :)

bárbara said...

super chulos tus pitillos
mil besos


sanna said...


Kate said...

They look fab on you!
love your rings.

Lainey said...

You look gorgeous as always!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love this casual chic look!

cat said...

ankle zipper jeans are seriously the best! the fit you like a glove caylee :)

Elegant Unique said...

love the distressing and love the rings :D


Anonymous said...

Very cool look. Lucky!

leflassh. said...

they look amazing on you miss!
very lucky. and i love that they are ankle length.

Ashleigh said...

so tempted to pick up those aldo wedges...love your style girlie

Frickys said...

Cool as always, dear!

Did you get that lace bra recently? I am on the hunt for one.

caylee said...

lip gloss and mane toss - i'm thinking about leaving them like this; if i were to shred them, i couldn't wear them to work (and i want to wear them to work!) ;D oh and i just got this ring, for only $4 to boot.

lin! - thank you! i'm lucky to have received them =)

bárbara, sanna - thank you!

kate - thank you! i'm on ring binge at the moment. what sucks is that theses are all cheapies that will tarnish pretty soon. that will be a sad day, lol.

lainey - aww thank you! =)

lions, tigers, and fashion OH MY! - thank you!

cat - thanks cat =) i know, i love them! i'm so excited about these because my last pair of ankle zip jeans became too small. lol.

elegant unique - thank you! i love those little details too =)

anon 7:50 - thank you!

leflassh. - thank you! i know, i got lucky and i'm super excited as this is my first "gift"!

ashleigh - thank you! ooh you should get them; they're amazing. but i'm assuming they'll go on sale soon...maybe you could get much cheaper!

frickys - thank you! i got the bra about 3 weeks ago; my store is already sold out, so check yours asap to see if they still have them!

Jowy said...


One Love,

Mary said...


you are so lovely.

great style :)


ISABELL said...

beautiful!!!!!i love your outfit!!!!your shoes !!! jajajaj kiss!!!!!!my inglish is bad! :)...bss!

MB_ said...

Love your outfit!! Those wedges are so nice :)

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Luxe. said...

I LOVE the jewelry in this outfit!.x

emily :) said...

These look amazing on you!!! I am super jealous!!

Check out my blog please


Fashion By He said...

love the shoes

check out what He thinks...would love to link exchange with you


stilettostetico said...

Mmmh so Between "Biker/AND Destroy CHIC", it truly seems THE perfect finery to sublimate your pretty/ laid back side, on such a Sexy/electrifying way !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

emily said...

love those rings!

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

i am lazy too x) i know you babee since the knightcat post.you are simply bangin.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hudson is wonderful, I own two or three pair and love them very much so =) my favorite is the 3rd image of you, coy and cool!


Trine said...

Hey! Just discovered your blog and I just have to say WOW! I love your style, and how amazing is it that you have this many followers after only 2 months? It speaks for itself;)

Love, Trine


josefine said...

I really like your outfit!

Mila said...


Lauren said...

Such good jeans and I love those shoes with them!

x x x

mademoisellemichelle said...

so glad wedges are back! they are the most comfortable shoes you can wear and yours look so rocker-chic!

caylee said...

jowy, mary - thank you!

isabell - lol, i can understand you just fine =) thank you!

mb_ - thank you!

luxe. - thanks! it's all about the accessories, right?! =)

emily :) - thank you! i know, i got lucky with these.

fahion by he - thank you! i think i'm going to do a link exchange soon...

stilletostetico - thank you for your descriptive comment, as always! =)

emily - thank you! they are all fairly new, so probably still in stores as we speak.

stylorectic under medical treatment - wowww thank you so much eszter. seeing comments from my favorite bloggers (like you!) really makes my day. and lol, here's to (sometimes) being lazy! haha.

fashion chalet - ohhh yeah i have seen you wear hudson's before on your blog. they are really amazing! and thanks for picking out a favorite image...love it!! =)

trine - that's so awesome; thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your lovely compliments =) it's actually only been 3 weeks....!!

josefine, mila, lauren - thank you!

mademoisellemichelle - oh i will always love wedges, whether they are "in" or not, because of exactly what you said: they are comfy AND look amazing.

Silvie said...

Gorgeous shoes!
love the oufit!

caylee said...

silvie - thank you!

miky said...

you are gorgeus-1

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