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her questions, my answers.

the super-sweet christina from had me answer a few questions regarding fashion, which made sense because my blog is so new and her site is mainly focused on supporting up-and-comers. i thought you guys would like to hear what i had to say, so...enjoy my latest feature below!

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"Caylee has completely captured my heart in her simplicity. Her look is truly pure; budget-friendly, something we all can relate to. This gorgeous, 22-year old from Indiana has a defined look of casual basics and I'm truly obsessed. She brings a sweet essence to the blog world as she's only been blogging for a short time and already has received rave reviews, from the likes of Knight Cat and Chictopia. She's given me inspiration for her budget-friendly shopping and her DIY tips. Caylee has a subtle way of being in-her-own fashion-forward; showing off nothing over the edge but just enough to want to capture that look yourself...easy chic and profresh. Check her out and see for yourself. She's sure to capture your fashion heart" - written by Christina from

Christina: Why did you start your blog?
I've been reading blogs some of the older fashion blogs for almost two years now. I too wanted to share my passion and connect with others, but back then, I didn't feel like I had anything good to contribute to the blogosphere. At the end of last year, I had finally defined my style and became more comfortable with myself, so I started uploading some outfit photos on my MySpace and then earlier this year I created a Chictopia account. The response was so good, especially on Chictopia, that I decided to give blogging a go...that was just a few weeks ago, and I haven't looked back.

Christina: Who/what inspires you?
Scandinavian street style is my biggest source of inspiration. I cannot and will not ever get enough of Sweden and Norway and the incredible, incredible style the ladies have over there - it's absolutely perfect (see my list of favorite blogs below for proof)! I also look to nearly all street style blogs for inspiration, and model-off-duty style is a definite favorite of mine.

Christina: What can someone do to look fashionable if they are on a strict budget?
Caylee: I am that person on a strict budget, so I guess I could lead by example here. There are so many stores that are cheap yet stylish (see next question) and that pick up on the current trends, so if you educate yourself in fashion, and most importantly, find out exactly what works for you and your style, you can find those pieces anywhere, no matter what the place or price.

Christina: Where do you do the majority of your shopping?
Caylee: H&M, Forever 21, Target, Urban Outfitters, Aldo, Nine West, American Apparel....really inexpensive places, yet you can find just about everything you need. I also buy a lot of things off of eBay. You can find great things at discounted prices (I got a brand new $50 Zara blouse for $20), items from a previous season, or something that is already sold out in stores.

Christina: Name fashionable ladies/gents who tickle your fancy.
Caylee: Celebrity-wise, it’s the three stylish Kate’s - Kate Lanphear, Kate Moss, and Kate Bosworth. Right now I really love Carolina from Fashion Squad, Lena from Elenita, and Ida from Life by Ida – every single outfit they wear is exactly something that I would and want to wear. They’re amazing!

Christina: How do you know what looks good when you’re done outfitting? What's the LAST piece you add?
Caylee: I'm not really sure; I guess I do stand in from of a full-length mirror and make sure the overall the outfit - the proportions, the accessories, etc. - works together. The last pieces that I add are my rings. I have a variety of that I pick and choose from everyday.

Christina: Describe your "getting ready" ritual.
Caylee: I usually have an idea of what I want to wear, based on a current piece of clothing that I am obsessing over (i.e. sometimes I want to wear my denim vest all week, or I really want to wear boots), my mood, or inspiration that I have just seen; whether I pick that outfit out in the morning or the night before is up in the air.

Christina: Describe your style in 3 words or less.
Casual edgy-feminine.

Christina: What blogs do you read?
Wow, you really don't want me to go here. I am following 70 blogs on Bloglovin', if that tells you anything. Here's a list of some of my current favorites: KnightCat, Fashion Squad, Stockholm Street Style, Elenita, Life by Ida, Jak&Jil, Style by Kling, Le Fashion Image, LeFlassh, Style Sightings, Fashion Toast, A Fashion Tale, and Anywho.

Christina: What do your family & friends think of your blog/fashion sense?
Caylee: I don't know anyone personally who has any interest in fashion, whatsoever, so a lot of the current trends and things that I wear are pretty foreign to them. My mom thinks it's funny that I love wearing things that were in style during her younger years in the 80s and 90s, like high-waist Levi cutoffs. My boyfriend doesn't mind or really even care what I wear, but he does think some my get-ups are quite crazy, because again, fashion isn't the norm in Indiana. Although not as interested in the idea of fashion as me, my friends understand my obsession and I love getting compliments from them.

Christina: Give us a secret no one knows. (i.e. how many pairs of shoes you have, your obsession with toe socks, whatever)
This is no secret, because if you were to look at the credits under the outfits photos on my blog, you could easily see this: I do not own anything designer, and the most expensive thing in my closet is a pair of $110 boots. I'm a bargain shopper on a student budget!

Christina: Name one piece from your closet you can't live without?
My Nine West Cuzza boots from last winter - they are the perfect lace-up, chunky-heeled ankle boot; they go with everything in my closet and are incredibly comfortable. I will wear them to death again this fall/winter.

Christina: What motivates you to blog?
Caylee: Mainly the fact that I live in Indiana (not a state known for its fashion sense), and again, I know no one personally who has an interest in fashion like I do. Blogging allows me to connect with others around the entire globe that share my passion and can appreciate it when I say I am obsessing over the latest pair of shoes or gorgeous editorial.

Christina: You’re an item in a boutique. What item would you be and what does it look like?
I kind of want be the perfect basic - a fitted black boyfriend blazer or an oversized, slouchy white tee - one that's not too expensive and is one of those versatile pieces that you can wear with everything. Though I also wouldn't mind being the perfect black "it" shoe of the moment, preferably right now a wedge ankle boot.

Christina: Complete this sentence: "I'm obsessed with __Cat's blog KnightCat__ because nearly every picture she posts gets right-clicked and saved into my inspiration folder."

Christina: What advice can you give to blogger on the rise?
Caylee: Post on your blog often, to give your readers content and keep them coming back. Get accounts on sites like Chictopia and to post your outfits on as well, to draw readers from there to your blog. Become friends with other bloggers (hiiiii Cat and Erika!!). Most importantly, I believe, is to stay true to your style - what makes you, you is what makes your blog special.


you can check out the actual feature here.

thanks again christina =)


Allegra said...

your blog is awesome!

Lainey said...

Great interview! I love all of your looks!

Elegant Unique said...

ahhhhh how exciting!! well done!

Antonio Barros said...

Cool!! Congratulations!

MB_ said...

Nice, congratz!!

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Tereza Š. said...

you totally deserv it- congrats!

Maverick Malone said...

That's so cool :) Great interview!

xox, mavi

Fashion By He said...

great interview, but i think its time to add a new favorite to the list

not many blogs give you a guys opinion...He does

Luc said...

Hello. You are the coolest. Not only your style which is totally inspiring but the fact that you don't just listen to pop like everyone else. My brother likes seether and disturbed too and I tried to make him listen to Iron Maiden cause I like them. lol I kinda like 70ish rock more than metal though. Like Bruce Springsteen, acdc

Francheska said...

You are so freaking inspiring!
Congratulations on being so awesome!
:) anywaysssss let me know please when you´re going to do link exchangesss! x

aimy said...

Yay!! Great interview! I haven't checked out all the blogs you read but I plan on it :]

Give it an edge said...

really great interview and it is so true what you put said about saving pictures on knightcat! do that all the time x

Christina Dee said...

Aww caylee- love the way you've featured our interview; thanks much.

Take care.


Grace said...

Your responses are so spot on.

Love Grace.

Lip Gloss and Mane Toss said...

Ah congrats! You look great, love the shorts and statement necklace!


♥ fashion chalet said...

Best Sentence EVER. I echo it right back! ;)

"I'm obsessed with Cat's blog KnightCat because" nearly every picture she posts gets right-clicked and saved into my inspiration folder.


mademoisellemichelle said...

Wow! loved the interview! i can relate to you in so many ways!

xtinagirl said...

Oh I totally get how you feel about being a student on a budget! Kills me when I have to window shop but I do feel so much better when things go on sale! :) Love your interview.


- Daniela - said...

congrats on the feature ;)

caylee said...

allegra - aww thank you!

lainey, elegant unique, antonio barros, mb_, tereza s., maverick malone, fashion by he - thank you guys! xxx

luc - thank you so much! i do listen to pop and appreciate all types of music, but i am a rock-girl at heart and 99% of the time that is what i am jamming out to. i love old rock, but i am definitely more on the lines of your brother because seether and disturbed are two of my favorite bands. my other favorite bands are stone sour, metallica, theory of a deadman, papa roach, avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, and godsmack.

francheska - aww thank you so much! i will definitely let you know =) i want to do it soon!

aimy - thank you! oh you should definitely check out those blogs...they are absolutely AMAZING!

give it an edge - thank you! and yes, lol, you can't deny that; knightcat is inspiration heaven.

christina - thanks for giving me the opportunity to do it =)

grace - thank you!

lip gloss and mane toss - thank you! i have been living in those shorts and that necklace all summer =)

fashion chalet - i knew you would love that sentence! it's so so true.=)

mademoisellemichelle - thank you! that's so awesome, and exactly what i like to hear.=)

xtinagirl - thank you! seriously, it breaks my heart when i see something that i cannot own yet i am totally lusting after. oh well, you are exactly right: just hit up the sales, and all is good!

daniela - thank you!

theKcloset said...

love love love it!!

Great blog you have, I will def be reading daily!

caylee said...

theKcloset - awesome; thank you so much!

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