Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a few things.

(source - studded hearts, fashionsquad)

1. fall weather, please come fast! i am getting excited over all of the possibilities. these two amazing looks are exactly what i'm feeling: heavy layered top, super-skinny bottom, killer shoe. plus i'm excited for textures. recently purchased - velvet leggings, a huuuuge oversized sweater, and a thick ribbed knit skirt. yes.

2. grace from squarectomy featured me as her "look of the week" last week (thank you!), and a reader informed me that i am up on tobi.com's blog in a post about tie-dye jeans. pretty funny since they sell expensive designer jeans and the ones i am wearing in the picture they used are cheapie forever 21's, hehe.

(source - modelina)
3. love me some noot seear. seriously gorgeous girl, seriously amazing style! she's in new moon coming out november 20th. doesn't she just look like she could be heidi?

(images from hm.com, collage made by me)

4. these pictures from H&M magazine are killing me. this is style perfection. what really breaks my heart is that my store does not carry the trend line, the divided exclusive line, or the urban basics line, which is where a lot of the stuff featured in this editorial are from. boo. which brings me to the next thing...

5. ...i am going up to chicago this weekend with my boyfriend for some shopping and a little change of scenery. you know i'm hitting up the two H&M's they have downtown, plus i'm hoping to make my way to a chicago suburb and check out a zara...exciting stuff, at least for me! it's my first time visiting, so if any of you are from chicago/have been there and have any tips/places i should visit, etc., pleeeeease let me know! i would love to hear them.

xxx caylee


labeautifulvie said...

My two favorite stores, H&M and Zara! Have fun in chicago!

Karen said...

I'm feeling the SAME WAY about skinny pants and volume top half.


I have eyed that H&M leather zip up dress too. I wonder if its out yet... I'll report back if I see it.

K. x

lin! said...

have fun at h&m. :) i love that place. my fave colorblock cardi is from there, and so are my oversized black hair clips. loveee em to death.

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Those boots are fierce! Zara and H&M! How exciting. I've only ever been to Zara once. That girl could so be Heidi!

Ashley said...

Second photo is awesome..i love that editorial.


Fashion By He said...

love the long legs

sick boots..

great pictures


Anonymous said...

I can't see the pictures in this post :(

Allegra said...

I can't wait for fall weather either :)

xtinagirl said...

Yes, please! I'd like to put on my trench coat and boots now :)


melissa said...

I am SO over summer too, grrl.

Becky O said...

yayyyy for chicago! a few other places.... aritzia in watertower (a bit pricey but reasonable and very cute), beta boutique (a sample sale store in bucktown), and if you have time, you could walk around oak street.... lots of boutiques/stores, includng the pretty new barneys! let me know if you have any other questions, and have fun!!

Maverick Malone said...

Congrats on being look of the week!! Love that first photo, really inspiring :)

xox, mavi

Lady Selectah said...

Aritzia is overpriced for what it is. It's like Forever 21 or Delia's in the sense that they make their own clothes but they also carry a few branded labels to convince people otherwise. Their Wilfred line is good but most of their clothes are poor quality and fall apart. They have their designers just go out and copy other brands and what's popular.

Hejfina is a great store in Wicker Park. It's pretty pricey but they carry awesome brands. Great investment pieces. There's a Barney's Coop in Lincoln Park.

Noot is gorgeous but if she's with the same boyfriend, he's the biggest loser. Ever. Gorgeous girls always fall for dummies.

elena said...

like the pictures.

check my blog

Jacqueline said...


you are a new addition to my daily blog reads. you have also inspired me to cut off some tights into lace biker shorts. I love yours! I just started a blog also at www.fashionsnag.com =)

Take care!

caylee said...

labeautifulvie - mine too (even though i've never been to zara, lol)! and thank you =) i'm really excited.

karen - yes! it's my go-to look already, and i have more of an excuse to wear it come fall and cooler weather. that leather dress is so good. i haven't seen it yet, but that's because we don't carry the line it's from boo. i'm hoping to see it in chicago this weekend!

lin! - thank you! it's my favorite store, and current employer. =)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather - i've never been to zara, so i'm super excited. and yes, she is definitely heidi and i can't wait to see that movie.

ashley - i know, that entire editorial is amazing.

fashion by he - thank you! leggy looks are my favorite =)

anon 12:02 - sorry about that! it's all fixed now =)

allegra, xtinagirl, melissa - EXACTLY! come on already fall!

becky o - ohhh thank you so much for your suggestions. i've never been to any of those places, and indianapolis has very little shopping options (probably has one boutique here, lol), so i'm super excited. hopefully i get to check all of these places out!

maverick malone - thank you!

lady selectah - thank you for your tips! i've seen some great pieces from aritzia on the internet but i'm not willing to pay an arm and a leg for things, so i definitey want to visit aritzia but you're right, i probably won't buy anything (even though i buy forever 21 stuff all the time that just ends up falling apart, lol). probably won't buy anything from the other stores you mentioned but i will surely try to visit them. and i feel like i've heard a story about noot's boyfriend a long time ago, but i don't know who remember who he is or what the story was about...

elena - thank you! i'll check out your blog as soon as i can!

jacqueline - thank you! and i'm glad i could help with the new addition to your wardrobe, lol =) and i'll check out your blog too, asap!

Elegant Unique said...

love the first pic - adorable

millmill said...

obsessed with the 2nd picture!!!

caylee said...

elegant unique, millmill - i love both of them too! perfect inspiration for fall.

alanna said...

1. fur is IN- you absolutely must get a piece!
2. the h&m campaign is uhhhmayyyzingg this year and i cant wait to shop it
3. congratulations on being featured

caylee said...

alanna - oh i do have a piece; a black fur coat that i got from H&M last winter! can't wait to bring it out again
and believe me, i know, i can't stop looking at their magazine with all of those amazing editorials. & thank you!! =)

The Beautiful And Glammed said...

totally in love with the Zara boots...I want them and the ba, where to start it looks Sooooooooooo like the Wang bag it is untrue. need both in my life NOW!!
Love the blog will be following from now on.
x x

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