Sunday, August 02, 2009


check out these two awesome posts i am featured in on hudson jeans' lifestyle blog.

pretty freaking rad to be in the lace biker shorts feature next to some blogging heavyweights (and three of my personal favorites!) carolina from fashionsquad, karoline from fashionflash, and elise from anywho. oh, and of course my main man alexander wang =)

you can see the biker shorts feature HERE; the feature on my style is not yet posted.

thank you casey xoxoxo


Linnéa said...

cool collages <3<3

sanna said...


natasha's view said... simple but chic

stilettostetico said...

Oooh Sinceres congratulations for this anthology of "Fashion-issimes consecrations" !!! Mmmmh Actually your Allure reminds on the (so sexy/electrifying) idea of "Roaring casualness" . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

BOB said...



Dani said...

you're fabulous. i have that h&m tee... but it looks better on you. ;)

Domennie said...

Bravo on being featured!:)you look gorgeous as usual!

Elegant Unique said...

Congrats!! thats amazing!

Elegant Unique said...

ps. caylee i did it! i put myself out there! have a look ;) xx

Behind The Seams said...


Karen said...

How cool is that?!!!

REALLY nice to have them use you. I can so see why. LOVE your style.

and yes, those Sam Edelmans I posted yesterday are STILL amazing. No matter HOW old they are, they still take my breath away. I friggin' love them.

Karen x

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

love your features, specially the first one, love your outfits, and adoree the striped shirt

caylee said...

linnéa i know, i love it! thank you =)

sanna, natasha's view, stilettostetico, BOB - thank you guys!

dani - thank you! lol, basic stripe tops like this look great on everyone! i bought mine two sizes bigger than i should have to give it that oversized look. & i love it.

domennie - thank you!

elegant unique - thank you! and that's awesome, i'm going to have to check it out.

behind the seams - thanks trang! xxx

karen - i know, thank you! it's so exciting! and not only was it really nice of them but also really unexpected. knock off balenciagas = amazing till the end.

ingrid (garments and gardens) - thank you!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

wow :)

c o n g r a t s !!!


Lily said...

Wow this collage is fabulous..congratulations, you deserve it..I absolutely love your style x

thehautepursuit said...

I saw your feature on KnightCat, tres cool!! And this one too: you're on fire hot stuff!
Much blog love,
P.S. Thanks for leaving that comment--made me smile: so sweet!

caylee said...

fashion chalet - thaaaaanks erika!! xoxo

lily - aww thank you so much!

thehautepursuit - thank you so much vanessa! it means a lot coming from you because you have amazing style and are an inspiration of mine. =) p.s. i'm adding you to my blog roll!

MILLA said...

those lace biker shorts are cool!

caylee said...

milla - i know, i love them! =)

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