Sunday, August 16, 2009

dark summer.

H&M divided black faux leather biker vest; forever 21 long t-shirt and lariat necklace; DIY lace biker shorts from H&M lace leggings; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring and filigree ring; target hammered silver ring; kohls winged thumb ring; aldo lace-up wedges.

this outfit is from about two weeks ago, but it's exactly how i'm feeling right now; wanting to wear lots of dark colors. i promise not to post these lace shorts again, if i can help it =)

hope everyone had a great weekend!


cat said...

wear them as much as you want! they look so good on you...i love the all black! i bet you can't wait for winter? i know i can't, i want to wear layers of scarves and gloves and boots.....yeah ahah

caylee said...

cat - lol, thanks cat! i mean, why not? they're comfy, and they look pretty darn cool, haha. yes, i cannot wait until the weather cools down and i can wear more things, i.e. layers and layers, and lots of daaaark colors.
p.s. did you buy that wang-ish blazer you posted from urban outfitters? i want to, but i'm afraid it's not going to be as insulated as i want it to be...

thatgirllucy said...

that vest is the freakin' best.
loving all your rings too

Anonymous said...

Great vest. I've been looking for a nice leather moto vest to wear over pretty floral dresses and such ^_^

leflassh. said...

all black looks great on you.
& no, don't stop wearing them, they look fab & i can't wait for hotter weather to try that little diy myself.

Karafina said...

if you wore those everyday, i would not be mad atcha!

love them on you, and that leather vest is perfect! cant believe its H&M..

caylee said...

thatgirllucy - i know, i love it. thank you!

anon 10:17 - oohh yes, it would look so good over a floral dress. i've had it for a little over a month, but it could still be on stores in some places.

leflassh - thank you! lol, i probably won't stop wearing them, but i might stop posting pics of me wearing them, hahaha. ohh i can't wait to see how you wear them, but then i'll get a little jealous because it will be too cold over here to wear them when you do. =)

karafina - lol, thank you! i know, as soon as i saw the vest i jumped right on it and never looked back.

Lainey said...

I love the biker vest! It's very you! And it's so chic. I'll have to pick that up next time I'm in an h&m!

Elegant Unique said...

cute cute cute vest! its freexing here in melbourne (end of our winter) so im dying to wear summer clothes!

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

I love your DIY lace biker shorts! You pull them off so well. They remind me of Alexander Wang. Love it!

WINK said...

Great blog.. love the lace biker shorts, have been toying with the idea for a while - still unsure if i will be able to pull it off!

Tech question - how do you get your images to fill the page, just starting my blog and my images are still quite small.

Thank you so much, xxx

Antonio Barros said...

Great outfit!
The shoes are gorgeous!!!

the singular

thesydneygirl said...

hi lovely!!! just came
across your awesome blog!
you have been featured on
so many fabulous blogs and
websites. good on you! you
have incredible style!!!
will definitely stop by
again xxx

p.s. keep wearing those
awesome diy lace biker shorts.
they're sexy and fab!

sanna said...

like it

stilettostetico said...

Wooow actually I am Truly always astonished by the way these lace biker shorts can instil a "day to day Alcôve-esque twist" on a laid back silhouette !!! Roaring SEXYness.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Fashion By He said...

so many lace short shots...but i love them,

The Haute-Shopper said...

I'm a huge fan of black as well, so I love this look... especially the touch of lace, the leather jacekt and all the silver jewelry. Those Aldo's are pretty amazing as well - they're more feminine than many of the other lace-ups I've seen.

Great blog by the way :)

Lip Gloss and Mane Toss said...

This look is so cute. Those lace biker shorts...amazing.


Stacy said...

love the minivest and huge knuckle ring! those laceups are hot

Di said...

Hi caylee im from peru and i love your blog, i was trying very hard to mix some styles but here in peru fashion its not so important than in other countries, i hope that you can help me some times...

aimy said...

I have that vest too, I wear it allll the time!

Ashley said...

Yay for the diy biker shorts!!! They look like AA's version but way better.

NICOLE said...

love this outfit... looks totally incredible

sofiasophie said...

I like your outfit.
And these "pantys" are sper cool!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg those lacey one are perfecto!!
you look awesome wearing them!


lin! said...

the DIYed lace shorts are so cool. im still digging around for a pair of ripped tights that i can cut up...but it seems ive already made em all into headbands and socks of all sorts.

Allegra said...

hey hey :)

thanks a lot. Yeah, for me it's still unbelieveable... congrats too :)

I'd love to trade links!! So I'm gonna link you right now :)

You look awesome! I love that biker vest and I the lace adds a really special touch! adore it!

Cee said...

I really like your blog. Your style isn't shockingly unique but is really fresh without being derivative. I really look forward to seeing more of your outfits! And your hair is so beautiful I feel about a thousand kinds of envy just looking at these photos.


Lilpixie said...

Love this outfit especially all the black in different fabrics. the lace shorts are great

Maria said...

you're style is so cooool. love this!

labeautifulvie said...

Gorgeous shoes! Wanna swap links, i adore your blog! I am now a follower.

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

loveeee your style - i have the same biker vest and cut my lace leggings up like that too :)
and i saw you on who what wear, so congrats! thats amazing! <3
i was wondering if you wanted to exchange links? im in love with your blog hehe :) mine is ~ let me know sweetie <3

caylee said...

lainey - thank you, i love it too =) i can't wait wait to layer it in the fall. hopefully your size is still in stores!

elegant unique - thank you! lol, i'm the exact opposite. it's scorching hot here and i can't wait for it to cool down so i can wear fall clothes! we always want what we don't have, lol.

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather - thank you! yessssss alexander wang is my favorite; i'm pretty sure his resort lookbook started the biker short trend, and i couldn't be happier.

WINK- thank you! i actually think they are pretty easy to pull off; i prefer them with neutral colors and simple outfits. as for my images, i use an image hosting site like,, or, upload them to there, and then put the link on my blog; use one of those sites and you can make your pictures as big as you like.

antonio barros - thank you!

thesydneygirl - thank you; i'm so glad to have you here!

sanna - thank you!

stilettostetico - thank you as always =)

fashion by he - lol, yeah i do have a lot of shots of them but some of my favorite outfits i put together are with them and i also want to wear them as much as possible before the weather turns cold and i can't! thank you as always =)

the haute-shopper - thank you! yeah i like all black when the textures are mixed like this, and those wedges do have a more feminine feel to them; i think that's why i was drawn to them. and i'm never without my silver jewelry! =)

lip gloss and mane toss - thank you!

stacy - thank you!

di - hi di! thank you very much! fashion is not important where i am from either, so i feel you there. i guess (i hope!) that maybe my blog can inspire you in some ways?...if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! =)

aimy - awesome! it's pretty versatile.

ashley - thank you! i didn't know that AA had lace biker shorts...but that's good to know in case these fall apart, lol.

NICOLE - aww thank you!

sofiasophie - lol "pantys"; i like it!! and thank you =)

lsquisofrenia style - thank you!

lin! - thank you! i think that ripped up tights would look awesome as bikers shorts. hopefuly you find some you can use!

allegra - thanks again! ok, i'll add you now too =)

cee - thank you! yeah my style isn't really that special and my outfits aren't really anything new - that is something i already know, lol! but i really love fashion; i like to follow current trends that work for me, i want to share my passion with others through the internet because i don't know anyone personally who appreciates it, and i hope that maybe my simple-with-an-edge looks that are put together with inexpensive pieces can inspire others in a way. and thanks for your compliment about my hair! it took me 7 years to grow it out this long, eek!

maria - aww thank you!

labeautifulvie - thank you! i am hopefully going to do a link swap with a bunch of readers/followers soon, and choose blogs that i would read from those to link. i'll let you know soon!

Hanna @ LONDON-ROSE - thank you! that's awesome - those are two great pieces aren't they?! =) pretty soon i'm areaders if ask my they want to exchange links, and then i'll put up the ones on my site that i really like. i'll let you, and everyone, know through the blog soon!

caylee said...

lilpixie - thank you! yes i love mixing textures in the same color shade.

Di said...

Thanks caylee..i had a question to ask, is it important to be skinee to wear some kind of clothes??? gona do my best to lose some weight, im tall, a little bit fat, but not too do you have any idea or advice on how i can lose weight???...

caylee said...

di - i am the wrong person to ask about diet/exercise advice, because i do not diet or exercise (bad, i know), but the old mantra is eat healthier, eat less, and move more.

the fact that i don't diet or exercise does show - i carry a little extra weight on the sides of my hips and on my stomach.

but i think it's all about dressing to suit your body type. for me, that means lots of loose fitting tops to hide those problem areas, and then wearing tight or short-length bottoms to show off my legs, which are one of my best assets. if you see me in a really tight top, i'm more than likely wearing a cover-up (jacket/cardigan/etc) over it.

like i said, just dress for your body type. it's not important to be skinny to wear certain things, because you can always wear what you want, but i think it is important to wear things that are flattering. you don't want unnecessary and unflattering bulges, so like i do with my loose fitting shirts, wear things that cover what's bad and accentuate what is good.

this is also the best way to feel comfortable and confident with your look, no matter what your shape or size is.

Di said...

Well you´re right i have to show the best of me, but i dont fell very good with my body right now i earn weight because like im ansious and those months i´ve been very sad(i dont like to use the word depress) for many things that happened at home,i´ve been eating a lot, so thats why im fat right now. I know that there are very styles to show the best of us but its better when you can wear anything and that fits you perfect!!..thanks for answer my questions!!

I was wondering if you can put pics of styles to go out!! thanks!!!

caylee said...

di - aww i'm truly sorry for whatever personal reasons are causing you stress. don't worry, a lot of people eat when they are going through hard times (i know i do), and therefore gain weight. maybe you could use fashion as your motivation to get back in shape! =)

i'm sorry i really couldn't be of any help.

and i like your idea; i will definitely do a post sometime soon of my favorite going-out looks.

Di said...

Thanks one more time caylee for your answers..and yes u re right im into that..using fashion as my motivation to get back in trying to lose those pounds..and i know that im going to do it..thank u very your fan number one..


helen said...

i love love the DIY biker shorts...contemplating diying as well, or just getting the pair from UO...

caylee said...

helen - thanks! if it's cheaper for you to buy a pair of lace leggings, then you should definitely just cut them yourself; it's super easy and takes two seconds!

Me, Martina said...

Love the lace shorts! A perfect touch to the black outfit!

j-shan said...

i am loving the whole black outfit.
u have inspired me to go hunting for some lace leggings to DIY myself now, i love it

check out my new blog :)

Emilie said...

Love the whole black! Great outfit!

Fashion Obsessed said...

shortsssssss are majorrrr<3

mauro said...

leather is every great!

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