Sunday, August 23, 2009

another day in denim.

H&M L.O.G.G. denim shirt; forever 21 loose pocket tank, destroyed jeans, cross necklace, studded watch, and oval ring; charlotte russe hammered silver knuckle ring; nine west wedge boots.

the denim shirt again. loving how versatile it is.
and yes, i know - this is nothing new, nothing special.
but simple looks are what i like, and what i feel most comfortable in.
i am constantly on the hunt for the perfect, basic, simple-with-an-edge pieces like this denim shirt to fill my wardrobe with.

also, natascha gave me an "i think you are an awesome girl" award (thank you!), and tagged me to list ten things about myself. here we go...

1.) i'm usually late to everything that is important.
2.) i never used to wear black (crazy, huh?!), but now it's all i want.
3.) my diet consists of foods that a 10 year old would eat (including: lots of pizza, macaroni and cheese, sweets). one of these days i’ll finally stop eating junk.
4.) not doing my best at something is not an option.
5.) i’m a pretty shy and reserved person; i don’t like to talk a lot and most of the time i keep to myself. except at work, of course. but usually when i'm with people i feel comfortable with, i turn into one crazy, goofy person. and with you guys, who share my greatest passion - i could talk with you all day!
6.) even after being with my boyfriend, nathan, for 7.5 years (since i was 15 and he was 16), i love him more and more each day.
7.) yes, i love rock music that is sometimes a little questionable.
8.) i dream about the day when i own my own home and can decorate it to my desires.
9.) i watch tv on the internet.
10.) i'm a pretty creative, artistic person; i used to draw and write all the time but have gotten away from it since i started college four years ago. i hope to start up both again soon.

i'm supposed to tag ten other people, but i just tag whoever wants to do it =)

EDIT: i forgot to mention that this outfit of mine was featured on in a story about fashionable sweatpants. how cool? i absolutely love refinery and their fashion coverage. thank you guys! check out the feature HERE.


Christina Dee said...

in love, w/ the basics.


Ashleyy said...

there ain't nothin wrong with the basics.
a) is that your natural hair? and if not, how do achieve that look?
b) 7.5 years is along time to be with someone, especially at your age. what do you think makes your relationship so successful?
fantasic blog

Francheska said...

It is actually admiring how long you and Nathan have been together! I think it´s so beautiful!
I am totally loving your diet.
Andd I also watch tv on the internet!!!!!!
All the time!!! :)


caylee said...

christina dee - thank you! xxx

ashleyy - lol, i don't think so either =)
a)yes it is all real. i've been growing it out for years. it's naturally really thick and has a slight wave; i define some of the pieces by twirling them around a straightening iron.
b)i'm not sure i have all the right answers...we have had our rough patches like every other couple, but we are essentially just a great fit together. he's my best friend. we like a lot of the same things, and have a lot of the same personality traits, yet we are different in so many ways too that it sort of balances it out and keeps things interesting. we really love and care for each other more than anything in the world. like with all relationships, we work to keep each other happy yet our relationship is so comfortable and in such a great place despite the years that have passed.

and thank you!

francheska - aww thank you! i know, it really is a long time, and i couldn't be happier =)
lol, my diet is NOT something to be proud of, as it will all catch up with me one day. and TV on the internet is the only way to go since i don't have TIVO, and always miss my favorite shows!

Anonymous said...

You seem like such a cool, chill person Caylee :)

Thats really sweet how you've been with your boyfriend for so long. Do you ever find yourself telling him what to wear?! Maybe your amazing fashion sense has rubbed off on him after 7.5 years!

Do you like Project Runway? That is the ONLY show I watch, heh.

Lainey said...

This was such a fun read! I love reading quirky information about the bloggers I follow. Plus, can you believe I don't have a pair of black jeans? Isn't that crazy? But seeing yours, I think I'm going to have to succumb to them and get 'em already.

Ashleigh said...

You look great in basics girlie ;)..P.s. I too have been with my boy J since I was 15..been sating for 7 1/2 years and we are now engaged..both each others first loves and we still love each other like crazy...well, we're getting married which proves it! haha..but thats a couple years away..

P.s. In regards to your comment, I am totally OBSESSED with True Blood..I got season two from a friend who burned it on dvd for me (so its from the net too)


caylee said...

anon 8:13 - thank you! i am really laid-back person who prefers to sit at home and watch tv with my boyfriend, browse the internet, or read than do anything else. and lol, he likes affliction tees (ehhh...), and i have tried to give him tips but it doesn't really work. i don't mind though because that's what he likes, i don't want to change him, and he doesn't tell me what to wear. but he does actually hate a lot of the things i like (baggy shirts, harem pants, high-waists). he's just uneducated! hahaha.
and i've never seen project runway...i know, weird huh. it's probably because i don't have cable. but not having cable is a poor excuse because it hasn't stopped me from watching my show of choice, TRUE BLOOD. that's my one tv weakness. it's so damn good.

lainey - thank you! i know, i always enjoy reading posts like this two, that's why i was happy to oblige and do this "ten little things" for my readers =) and you MUST get a pair of black jeans! i have three pairs - they are a wardrobe staple! the ones in this post are older forever 21's, but H&M has some great black skinnys for really cheap.

ashleigh - aww thanks!
that's so awesome to know that i have a fellow friend and blogger who is in a long-term relationship with me! it's amazing isn't it? my boyfriend and i are the same as you and your fiance; first loves, and still in love. we are not engaged; i can see it happening but no rush, as i'm completely happy where we are right now. congrats on your engagement though! so exciting.
and true blood is truly addicting. it's so good. if i'm not watching it, i'm reading the books. i'm jealous that you have season 2 on dvd. i've watch up to episode 9 on the internet though!

paige said...

i just wanted to let you know how much i love your blog! everything you wear i absolutely love, basics are so much more versatile then anything else so I definitly understand your love for them.

Faridah said...

Amazing casual outfit. The denim touch is perfect. x

rachael said...

I adore your blog, all you get is rave reviews and I hope you don't get tired of it! It's refreshing to visit a blog where the blogger seems so down to earth and actually responds to the comments!
You have such good taste and you make it look so easy.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

You look great, I love the denim shirt!

clairegrenade said...

congrats on the feature!
very cool post, i quite like those boots!

Pamela said...

really like the demin shirt!

leflassh. said...

i'm wearing a denim short today myself!
really love them, super comfy and go with everything.
you look great as always! xx

Jowy said...

That denim shirt is fabulous, ur such a pretty girl.

One Love,

Lilee said...

love the denim jacket!!!!

cody said...

love the boots!<3
xx cody

Antonio Barros said...

Woow! You look gorgeous!!!!

the singular

sofiasophie said...

denim shirt
denim shirt
denim shirt
denim shirt

I can't stop seeing or hearing about denim shirt

It is going to be THE iconic piece of the season????

Di said...

Awsome outfit caylee i think its very important feel comfortable i think it must be rule number one..but sometimes when we love wear something like hills shoes, in my case, i dont even care if my feet hurts xD..i can´t believe that you have a relationship of 7.5 years!!! when r u going to get married??..i also have a relationship but about 3.5 years and months..since i was 18!!..i love him very much but sometimes im very insecure about me or him..did u ever feel that???...i want to ask u it important to be with good mood to dress fashion??? rings and boots!!!!

~erin~ said...

I am just catching up with your blog. I have been on summer vacay at the cottage but its almost time to start being a teacher again.

I already loved looking at your pics on myspace, this blog is such a treat. I am so happy for you and it seems like you are taking this blogging thing by storm! Congrats girl, you are just the cutest!

Much love

La Mode is Rad! said...

Love the denim shirt.

Natalie said...

That denim button-up seriously looks great with everything. if i had it, i would probably wear it for a week straight, different ways lol!

that's cool u were whowhatweardaily myspace muse... so was i, last december!


caylee said...

paige - aww thank you! i just love minimalist looks, finding the perfect basics, and having an entire closet that i can mix and match!

faridah - thank you!

rachael - thank you so much! it's been amazing. oh yes i will always respond to my readers; they took they time to come to my blog, and then to comment, so i always want to thank each and every one of you because it means so much to lil' old me! =)

lions, tigers, and fashion OH MY! - thank you!

clairegrenade - thank you! i got the boots from, not from nine west =) i think they are a previous season or something, but i still love them.

pamela - thank you!

leflassh. - awesome! don't you love it? i know, i just want to throw mine over everything, as you can see from my past two outfit posts lol. and thank you, as always! =)

jowy - aww thanks! =)

lilee - thank you!

cody - thank you! it's not even fall and i've worn then tons already!

antonio barros - thank you as always!

sofiasophie - LOL! i know, and i do think it will be one of the key pieces for fall. =)

di - thank you! i agree; comfort trumps all, but there are those times when a pair of heels must be worn =) and that's awesome that you are in a long-term relationship too. it takes a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it because it's the most rewarding thing in the world. there were a few times when we were a lot younger and a lot more immature that i felt some insecurity, but now that many years have passed and we have grown up a lot, it has faded and i am completely comfortable and secure. don't worry, it's normal and you have to work together through it, just like anything else. and to answer your question: i think that fashion can be the thing that puts you in a good mood when you are feeling down!

~erin~ - hey erin! wow, it's been crazy! my first outfit photos were posted on my myspace, and now i have a blog...never thought it would happen, but i love it, and there's no turning back now =)'s so cool to have you here on my blog now, because you were one of the first to give me positive feedback. so THANK YOU!

la mode is rad! - thank you!

natalie - i know, i think so too, and thank you! and that's so cool that you were a myspace muse too - i've certainly seen on WWW then =) it's so cool to be featured on a website that huge!


I feel the same way, always most comfortable in the basics.

Me, Martina said...

I'm a fan of denim, too! You look gorgeous! I love the simplicity of your outfit...

Anonymous said...

i really think you are an awesome girl haha, you are so nice and sweet

Maverick Malone said...

love the denim shirt!! I've been wanting one :)

xox, mavi

Sophia and Mary said...

love those accessories!

cat said...

aahah i watch tv on the internet too!

caylee said...

always chasing - yes! as long as they have something special to them =)

me, martina - thank you! yeah denim is a staple that is always in rotation in my closet. i like that i've recently added this shirt, a jean jacket, and a denim vest, instead of just having regular ol' jeans.

anon 7:27 - aww thank you so much!

maverick malone - thank you! i hope you find one too, soon =)

sophia and mary - thank you!

cat - lol, it's the next best since i don't have TIVO!

xtinagirl said...

Hiiii Cayleeee :) I love love LOVE your looks. I adore how it's all comfortable and still looks amazing! Versatile clothing items are the best and that's what I am for when shopping since school is a big fat no-no with heels.


Poisoned Amour said...

love your outfit, its amazing as usual :)
i love those taggs. idk-y i always love reading them haha.
i alwyas watch tv online, cause i usually have too much work to watch a show when it airs. so i juts catch it online :) gotta love the internet!

caylee said...

xtinagirl - aww thank you so much! i couldn't agree more about comfortable, versatile clothing, as you can tell by my outfits =) and i fell you on the no heels to school thing; again, all about comfort! these low wedge boots are like wearing flats.

poisoned amour - thank you! i love reading little insights about bloggers too. and that's exactly why i watch tv online! true blood and gossip girl for me =)

Emilie said...

Love your outfit!
And a denim shirt is always a good thing ;)


I really like this outfit, simple yet great! <3

Scarlett Rose said...

I love your outfits doll, Tres Chic.

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