Wednesday, July 22, 2009

time traveling.

here are some of my recent outfits.

i'm not going to go though and label each one, so if you want to know where i got something, just ask in the comments!



leflassh. said...

good girl you got a blog.
very excited.
i want those shoes , so pretty.
and all the outfits are perfect as always x

Living in a Rose Garden said...

I like outfit 1, 2 , 3 ,4 oh i like them all!

Behind The Seams said...

such wonderful looks! <3

caylee said...

leflassh - thank you girl!!

living in a rose garden - lol, thank you!

behind the seams - thank you trang for stopping by my new blog! i've been following your blog since you started it. =)

CAMILLE said...

great shots

Noiretta said...

i love your outfits. you're very beautiful.
greetings from germany

Laura said...

ohhhh you have a great style!i especially love the outfits you have in the pictures 1, 3, 4, 6! =)

Style & Beyond said...

love all of them!!


PS: where are those wedges from?

♥ fashion chalet said...

layout worked huh? ;)


caylee said...

camille, noiretta, & laura - thank you so much!

style & beyond - thank you! they are from aldo; they're the "tumlin" sandal and are still on sale online as we speak!

fashion chalet - yes, i finally figured it out! thaaank you erika =)

The Queen of Hearts said...

Absolutely stunning looks! You've got great legs and hair -- I'm surprised you aren't a model. I feel like more models should look like you. And you can never go wrong with a quilted bag, I'm guessing its a Chanel? Loves.

caylee said...

the queen of hearts - no, i'm not a model, but thank you so much! it would be hard to do so anyway, living in indiana (the least fashionable state in the U.S, lol). and i'm very content with my life here for the moment!

oh and my bag is actually not chanel, it's new york & company, that women's chain you see in a lot of malls. i would love a chanel but could never ever afford one.

Anonymous said...

take photos with a good camera so we can enjoy the clothes and not worry about the quality.
luck luck

lysha said...

where are the shoes in the 5th picture from? love them.

caylee said...

anon 6:04 - i'm sorry about the poor picture quality. i do not have a good camera nor do i have the means to acquire one. but thanks for the luck! =)

lysha - they are from aldo!

Rosa said...

totally love it all, you have a very nice style :b

lotskipotski said...

where did you get the oversized shirt in the first piccy, it's absolutely gorgeous! (: x

caylee said...

rosa - thank you!

lotskipotski - it's from zara! but i bought it on eBay. =)

mauro said...

love the pic with the leather pant classy and sexy!

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