Sunday, July 26, 2009

lace biker shorts.

forever 21 oversized sweater and tribal leaf necklace; vintage levis cutoff denim shorts; H&M lace biker shorts (made from lace leggings); kohls winged ring; target hammered silver ring; nine west leather wedges.

really wanted biker shorts. then i wanted lace biker shorts. what i didn’t want was to pay an arm and a leg for them. but, as fate would have it, i opened my sock/tights drawer and there sat my neglected lace leggings.
lace leggings + scissors = lace bike shorts!
i’ve never been happier to find something already in my closet.
these also make me feel much more comfortable wearing my super-short shorts out to places like school.


Justine Loves! said...

I really want bike shorts too! I did the same snip-snip action with jeans for denim shorts, no problem. But how do you get yours to stop fraying? They're made of nylon/cotton spandex, right?

Christina Dee said...

your style is amazing.
congrats on joining blogger.

Christina Dee.

Nika said...

such a great idea, tres chic!

bisou-joue said...

great outfit ! i love the way you wear this lace shorts !!

leflassh. said...

ooooh lady you are amazing.
such a good idea. i love the lace .
so pretty.
i will def be doing that once australia gets hotter weather. yay can't wait.
A+ to you x

Maggie said...

Hi Cayleem, discovered ur blog thru Chic, great u eventually started one and i certainly enjoy it!
U look absolutely gorgeous in this outfits! :)

Style & Beyond said...

your look is so effortless :) love your style woman!!


Lainey said...

What an amazing idea that was! I'm going to have try it out! Gorgeous outfit!

caylee said...

justine loves! - you should totally make/buy some. they are a cheap way to stay on trend right now! and i wish i could answer your question, but i can't. i have no idea why they aren't fraying!

christina dee - thank you! i'm excited to be here. =)

nika - thank you! i was probably never going to wear them as leggings again (i'm more into tights), so it was definitely worth it.

bisou-joue - thank you! i think a little lace peeking out of denim is awesome =)

leflassh - ohhh dajana, thank you! it's funny to think about how we are halfway across the world from each other, and in the middle of different seasons! but you should definitely try it when you can. i can see you rocking them. p.s. i think you are more amazing ;)

maggie - hi maggie! glad you stopped by here! and thank you so much =)

style & beyond - effortless is the ultimate compliment, as that is really what you strive for when getting dressed. so THANK YOU!

lainey - thank you! you should do it. i don't want to take mine off =)

thischicksgotstyle said...

You look absolutely amazing!!
You're such a pretty girl and your blog is just lovely!


Felicia said...

Love, love, love the idea of lace biker chic!

Loving the blog and if you have time check mine out at

susie miller said...

holy crap i love this look!!!

madeleine said...

love the shoes and the lace

Barbro Andersen said...


Elle said...

Love the lace, really steps up the 'shorts under shorts' look.

Soho Siren

April said...

i loooove those lace shorts. they are perfect. i want them. :]

Ashleigh said...

these are totally hot!! Great blog girlie...let me know if you want to trade links!


Ashleigh said...

p.s. I just had to look like one of my friends identical twin ...its crazzzzy

caylee said...

thischicksgotstyle - wow, thank you so much for all of your kind words!

felicia - thank you! i loved the idea too; that's why i just had to try it out =)
and i will definitely stop by your blog soon!

susie miller - aww thank you!

madeline - thank you!

barbro andersen - thank you!!

elle - thank you! yeah, i love the cutoff tights under shorts, but i think i might love it in lace even more. =)

april - thank you! they are so easy to make. just buy lace leggings/tights and cut them off! or i think urban outfitters actually sells them already made.

ashleigh - thank you girl! i would love to trade links; your style/blog is amazing as well.
and lol, i've had someone else recently tell me i have a twin. and this never happens! kinda cool =)

kaitlyn said...

the biker shorts look perrrrfect.

Fashionistadiary said...

what an amazing blog! following you on bloglovin! congrats on the knightcat mention, well deserved! kathxo

Karen said...

Could you let me know the style name of the nine west wedges?

I want to try and find them. Did you get them recently? I'll try and track them down...

Found your blog via Knight Cat. She's amazing too!! Well done : )

Karen x

Marina said...

Golly those lace shorts are quite divine indeed! Nice find! Loving your blog. M

♥ fashion chalet said...

I really love this outfit Caylee, especially the genius biker shorts made outta lace part!!! ;)

and of course, the dazzling shoes.


Shantee said...

Hi Caylee! i love your all your outfits! esp the wedges in this post :)

Somewhere Here said...

Oh I love your blog! The biker shorts peeking out there is genius! I love it

Please click here to visit me at

threadzeppelin said...

very cute! love lace and denim together. congrats on being on knightcat! i love her site.

stilettostetico said...

Wooow I really like the way lace instil such an exquisite "Daily Alcôve" twist on your "Vavavooooomesques" biker shorts . . . to create such a sulfurous/electrifying cocktail of laid back GLAM !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

moded'amour said...

love this outfit, those lace biker shorts are beautiful!!!

Kb said...

Love this look, so inventive!

sofie said...

Like this blog, keep it up :)

the Rynham said...

so cute.

La Couturier said...

You have ridiculously amazing style girl! (: I kind of hated that biker shorts trend under denim shorts but you make it sexy! Looove the lace idea!

La C.

wild.crazy.beautiful. said...

Cute outfits! Love!

caylee said...

kaitlyn, marina, threadzeppelin, moded'amour, sofie, the rynham, wild.crazy.beautiful.THANK YOU!!

fashionistadiary - thank you so much! so glad your following me; that's awesome.

karen - they are the "yoel" wedges. i actually got them back in may, but they are still for sale on zappos and amazon!
p.s. i follow your blog and your chictopia! YOU have amazing style girl.

fashion chalet, somewhere here, kb - thank you! i can't take credit for lace biker shorts in general; maybe just for cutting of my leggings into lace biker shorts =)

shantee - hi shantee! thank you so much!

stilletostetico wow, what a description! thank you!

la couturier - aww thank you so much! i like the trend as a whole, but definitely love lace biker shorts over regular ones =)
by the way, i really admire your writing skills (i've visited your blog quite a few times!)

Francheska said...

You are so incredible!
im in love with your style!
btw lets exchange links if you want!

caylee said...

francheska - aww thank you so much! i'm going to ask a lot of my readers if they want to exchange links in about a week or so, so i would love to then! just leave me a comment when i ask =)

Kelsey Genna said...

wow that is actually amazing!!!

caylee said...

kelsey genna - aww thank you! =)

P.S said...

you have really great style. love the blog.

Gaba M. said...

Great idea!

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