Monday, July 27, 2009


omg. i am on!
being featured on my favorite blog = i can now die happy.
cat is the sweetest person, and her hugely inspirational blog has helped my style evolve into what it is today. even more, i never expected it. i just visited her site (like i do everyday), and BAM!, there was my face. totally awesome.

xxx caylee

oh and the picture is one of my favorite fashion images EVER, via knightcat ;)


NICOLE said...

congrats! you have a great blog i will be back

caylee said...

nicole - awesome! thank you so much!

Blue said...

Lovely outfits here!!

Elle said...

That's where I found your blog, love it already!

Soho Siren

scarlett rose said...

have linked you up chic!

Ashley said...

Fierce photo and yay for the shout out on knight of my fave blogs too!

heebs said...

con grats!! that pic is amazing!!!

Francheska said...

I ended up here through Cat! :)
You have the best style everrrr!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'd die happy too haha :)
just saw it and commented, dear!

I visit Cat everyday and her posts inspire me immensely as well :) I find myself shopping for "knightcat"-ish things now.. lol...


a decadent thing said...

i so love your style dear


Barbro Andersen said...


modediktat said...

Hi Caylee,
my first visit here - and I'll be back for sure!
Amazing blog! Congrats to the feature, well deserved!
xoxo, S.

Nature Grafitti said...

congratulations!! i will definitely be back... you have amazing style!

cat said...

aw cailey! thank you so much :) i could say all the same for you! you're super sweeet, and i adore you!

caylee said...

blue - thank you!!

elle - that's so awesome; thank you!

scarlett rose - thanks for linking me! =)

ashley - thank you! i know; i love knighttcat and am still excited about it =)

heebs - thank you!

francheska - awesome! i certainly don't have the best style ever, hahaha, but thank you so much!

fashion chalet - lol!! thank you erika!!
yeah knighttcat has and always will be one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

a decadent thing, barbro andersen - thank you!

modediktat, nature graffiti - awesome, that's so good to hear to that you will be back. and thank you!!

cat - i just love you cat ♥ here's to knighttcat, the greatest blog in the world.

fashionable palette said...

I, too, adore knight cat...and that's were I found your blog, which is wonderful! You have great style...welcome to the blogging world; from the few posts so far, I can tell this will be one of my new favorites :)

caylee said...

fashionable palette - oh how i love knighttcat. that's so awesome that you found me through her, and that you will be following me. thank you!!

Lauren said...

Famous! :)

Elegant Unique said...

Congrats! its how i found your blog and I'll be back! you're lace shorts are so gorgeous!

caylee said...

lauren - lol, not quite; i'm still a newbie!
cat and i are good "internet" friends =)
but thank you!

elegant unique - awesome, so glad to have you here, and thank you!!

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