Sunday, July 26, 2009

fashionista of the week.

i am featured on as this weeks fashionista of the week!

this is super-exciting because it's my first feature.
thank you so much shanteé!

check out my feature here, and below.

*PERSONAL STYLE* “My style is very simple and chic; it revolves around casual basics, feminine, rocker/edgy pieces, or sometimes with some vintage inspiration thrown in. My outfits are not anything groundbreaking, but I certainly love fashion and everything it entails. I am very inspired by street style from Norway/Sweden, fashion blogs, and of course runway and fabulous editorials. I like to follow current trends that work for me, and right now I’m really loving 80’s glam rock and 90’s grunge.”

CELEB STYLE INSPIRATION* Model-off-duty street style is my absolute favorite. I also really love three Kate’s: Kate Lanphear, Kate Moss, and Kate Bosworth.

*FAVE DESIGNER* Alexander Wang. His designs are so effortless and just amazing. I will never tire of his perfect basics, his chic simplicity, his casual sexiness, and his rock-n-roll edge.

*FAVE BRAND* H&M. They bring affordable style to the masses. Some of my favorite pieces in my closet like my sequin jacket, black lace-up skinny jeans, and leather vest are from there, and with it being a swedish company, what more could I ask for? Though I may be a bit biased…I’m on their payroll! =)

*FAVE STORE* eBay. You can seriously find anything and everything there: perfect vintage items, things that have already sold out or are from a past season, and amazing pieces for bargain prices.

*MOST STYLISH SONG* I’m the wrong person to ask this question to, because all I really listen to is rock music. Is metallica stylish? Most people probably say no, but I certainly think it is. Rock music in general is very inspiring!

*MUST-HAVE BEAUTY ITEM* Mascara. I have been using Maybelline’s Full n Soft waterproof mascara in Very Black for 10 years! It has never failed me.

*MUST-HAVE FASHION ITEM* Skinny jeans, a perfect black blazer, oversized t-shirts, chunky heeled black lace-up ankle boots, and all types of silver jewelry.

*AMOUNT OF TIME IT TAKES TO GET READY* I shower and do my hair at night (so I wake up with not-so-perfect waves), so depending on whether I know what I want to wear – about 30-40 minutes.


5thandsweet said...

Hey hun.. Loving your blog! Im friends with you on myspace and followed the link to your blog =)

Love it =) and love your style!

Anonymous said...

awesome interview! congrats on the feature ^_____^

caylee said...

5thandsweet - thank you so much! that's awesome that we are friends on myspace. you've seen a lot of my older picture then =)

anon 10:07 - thank you! it's so cool to be featured somewhere, especially for the first time!

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