Thursday, July 30, 2009

black and white.

forever 21 loose pocket tank, knit pocket skirt, acid wash denim jacket, lariat necklace, and studded watch; H&M lace bra; kohls silver winged ring; target hammered silver ring; aldo lace-up heels.


Sarah A. said...

well done! this makes me regret my lack of talent when it comes to shopping on a budget.

Kristiana V said...

You look so nice <3 but perhaps you should ask someone else to take your pictures because with self timer your head and stuff is cropped off sometimes, and then also you could do it in different places? (always the same background..)
take care :)

Bravo said...

Love your blog, <3

sanna said...

simple and cute

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love this outfit, especially that tank. Great wall for photos too, soo cool!


Petiteélégant said...

Love the outfit.

caylee said...

sarah a. - all i know how to do is buy cheap! lol.
i do feel like i have a knack for picking out the good pieces from H&M and F21. it's kinda fun to sort through all the "trash" to find the "treasures".

kristiana v - thank you! yeah i know, i did not mean to crop my head off but it is inevitable when i don't have a photog. i tried to recruit my boyfriend but he's not really into this kinda stuff, haha.
i do actually like this wall; it's simplicity so as to put the focus on my outfit, not the background, but i will definitely take your suggestion into consideration =)

bravo - so awesome, thank you!

sanna - thank you!!

fashion chalet - thanks erika! yes this tank is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now. i have it in two colors and two different sizes for each color! and yes, this wall; it's my favorite for posing in from of =) so my better than my ugly room that i need to FINALLY redecorate!!

petiteélégant - thank you!

Lainey said...

Adore this outfit! I love the lace bra peeking out from the pocket tank. It's very chic!

Maverick Malone said...

So chic, I love it. Especially with the jacket.

xox, mavi

TAIWO said...

I love that jacket, i have the same one, it looks great with dresses and B&W.
Entire outfit is cute!!

CATI said...

love the top&bra&shoes.
gotta get a bra like this!

Anonymous said...

You style your self so well. I love how your clothing and accessories come from h&m, f21, etc. etc...(i.e. places that are accessible to me!...Other bloggers seem so brand crazy and while those pricey styles are nice to look at, at the same time it is a style that feels unattainable and pretentious)

LAURA. said...

your style is perfection, dear!


fashionby said...

the high skirt is the best...its on my top ten list of things for summer

check out the rest

bárbara said...

me encanta el look elegido, estiloso y sencillo a la vez. so nice!!

heebs said...

i love the angle of the shot :))

Sarah M. said...

Hey there! I LOVE your style :D It's so trendy and chic, but effortlessly so. Keep it up~

P.S. Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but you might want to consider darker foundation. I had problems with that before as well, and I didn't realize my foundation was a shade lighter until I checked photographs. So yup, just my two cents :)

Lina said...

I love your blog and your style :D!!

roxanne said...

loving your style, somehow i can never craft something so amazing, though we shop at alot of the same stores.

leflassh. said...

oh you look amazing ,
that tank and lace bra is perfection.
and i neeeeeeeeed a denim jacket like that .

caylee said...

lainey, maverick malone - thank you!

taiwo - thank you! don't you just love the jacket? it was cheap, it's a great wash and fit, and it's so versatile!

cati - thank you! those bras are everywhere right now! this one from H&M is only a few weeks old; we still have a ton at my store, so you should check yours! plus it was a whopping $12 =)

anon 3:39 - thank you so much! i love the fact that i can be an inspiration to people like me who are on a budget. i would love to have a closet full of designer clothing (who wouldn't?!), but i just can't afford it right now. still, that doesn't mean i have to sit by and not enjoy getting dressed in the morning =)

laura. - thank you!!

fashionby - thank you! and i agree! high-waisted skirts are my favorite, as they are incredibly flattering and you can tuck all your tees and tanks into them.

bárbara - thank you girl!

heebs - thank you! i didn't mean to cut my head off though, lol =)

sarah m. - thank you so much! "effortless" is always the best compliment because that's what you really strive for. oh and my face, i know it always looks paler than the rest of my body in pictures, but i don't really think it's my foundation because i do wear a shade darker than needed, plus bronzer. i think it's the flash reflecting off of the type of foundation i use (mineral makeup) or something to that extent. it's been happening to me in pictures for years though, and i really don't worry about it. =)

lina - thank you!!

roxanne - thank you! and lol, don't worry. i swear that picking (and putting together) out the good stuff from F21 and H&M takes practice! believe me, i know =)

leflassh - thanks dajana! ;) the lace bra/tank combo is everywhere, but i just love it too much. and you should definitely get a denim jacket. it's so versatile!

Elegant Unique said...

hi missy, looking good as always! maybe i should build up the courage and put pics of my outfit up.. eeek!

elk said...


check out

Francheska said...

So simple- yet so amazing!

Elaine said...

Love your shoes! and this is a great outfit!

caylee said...

elegant unique - thank you so much! i have to agree; it takes a lot to be able to put your self out there, but i think you should do it! especially if fashion is what you love and you want to share your passion with others and do so by showcasing your style.

elk - thank you! and i will check you out soon =)

francheska - awwwww thank you =)

elaine - thank you! i love these shoes even more so because of how incredibly comfy they are.

Taylor Sterling said...

you make afordable clothes look stylish and flawless. I am in awe!

meechelw said...

I've been meaning to find a lace bra like that ! Should have known to turn to good ol' H&M. Love the outfit.

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