Monday, March 23, 2015


vintage coat; h&m turtleneck and hat; vintage coach backpack; ray-ban sunglasses; daniel wellington watch;
marc by marc jacobs ring; target tights; vagabond boots from urban outfitters.

head-to-toe, this my ideal cold weather outfit. i picked this coat up at a saver's store and didn't even proceed to look for anything else, i just immediately headed to the checkout with my new treasure. now that's satisfaction. 

this duo takes my top prize as favorite new discovery of 2014.
i just saw them live a week ago; one of the best shows i've ever had the pleasure of attending! such a dream.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

very best friend.

thrift sweater; zara skirt and boots; h&m beanie; target tights; vintage bag.

a-line minis with a baggy sweater and ankle boots are like a best friend - i'm always happy to be around them, and they're there for me when i am in need. the sunshine yellow color of my backdrop reminds me of my best friend. this one goes out to you. :-)

pitchfork music festival lineup has been announced, and he's coming!

Friday, February 27, 2015

nothing you can say.

vintage levi's jeans; urban outfitters crop tee; zara bag; vintage belt;  ray-ban sunglasses; allsaints loafers.

reality check: it's late february, and spring feels a million miles away here in snow-covered chicago. so, in celebration of flashback friday, i bring you a long lost summer look that never made its way onto my blog until now! these vintage levi's didn't need to be tailored, nor did i cut the hem - they just magically came this way. i remember this day was so hot, and being incredibly thankful for the low scoop back of my t-shirt.

baio turned this song into absolute gold.

trending in london now.

as mentioned earlier, i have partnered with topshop and the michigan avenue store to bring you some of london fashion week's best trends, trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe as we speak! after much deliberation, editing, and even a last minute directional change in the key styles, i pulled together six looks based on three things trending in london right now: utility, modernism, and raw hems. the outfits were kept very simple: three pieces at max, and almost no accessories, to really highlight the garments in each trend. everything you see here is ready to be shopped at the michigan avenue store, and hopefully at stores across the globe as well! you can also visit topshop's inside out blog to stay even more ahead of the curve when it comes to london style.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

somebody who.

vintage coat and bag; thrift belt; henry and belle jeans; h&m hat; 
daniel wellington watch; vagabond boots from urban outfitters

solution to an enormous coat - put a belt on it! sort of like put a ring on it...but much, much simpler. i've never been somebody who's passed on an item i adored while shopping because of size, especially when thrifting. you can always make it work with little tricks and tweaks, and sometimes things look even better when they are a bit oversized. i hope you guys are enjoying my daily outfit posts/content purge! i've still got around ten more looks to go.

lovely ladies crooning over my kinda beat.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

all we are.

thrift coat; vintage sweater and belt; forever 21 skirt; target hat and purse; 
daniel wellington watch; vagabond boots from urban outfitters. 

here i am in a borrowed men's hat and one of my many thrifted camel coats :-)

newness from this amazing UK band.

topshop unique a/w 2015.

photos via the nytimes and

i haven't done a show review in what i feel like is years! i'm extremely excited to bring you the topshop unique a/w 2015 show, as i have partnered with the brand and chicago's michigan avenue store to bring you some upcoming trends. i wish the pieces were available immediately after the presentation, because the colors, prints, textures, and overall "pretty country girl goes to the city" aesthetic seems to really speak to me at the moment. the daywear was 70s inspired, while the evening wear took its influences from the 80s. these backstage shots lend a more casual, attainable vibe to the looks, which is why i chose to showcase my favorites in this manner. i adored the collection, and i hope you do as well! check out more pictures and coverage from the show on topshop's blog, inside out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

walking in your footsteps.

bb dakota blazer; thrift turtleneck; asos pants; h&m hat; vintage bag and belt; daniel wellington watch; vagabond boots from urban outfitters

it's sad to see these boots on the first day i ever wore them, more than two months ago. now they have been used and abused to the point where they need serious work by a cobbler! i guess it's just a sign of my undying love.

one of my favorite songs from them, 
and i'm so happy that i get to hear it play at work everyday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

love letters.

vintage sweater and bag; thrift jacket; henry and belle jeans; ray-ban sunglasses; marc by marc jacobs ring; vagabond boots from urban outfitters.

love letters and flowers on my vintage sweater. 
p.s. henry and belle will become your new favorite jeans, i promise! 
try their high-rise style and ankle-length styles.

this is the perfect remix!


h&m coat, pants and scarf; thrift sweater and boots; american apparel beanie; target bag; daniel wellington watch. 

how is this my fourth winter in chicago, but my first winter in chicago with a pair of legit snow boots? 
layers upon bundled (sometimes hidden) layers are how i am surviving. 

yes, a certain television show introduced me to this artist, but i seek out new music from all different kinds of mediums. 
it's about the discovery, appreciation, enjoyment, and sharing of beautiful music :-) 
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