Friday, June 26, 2015


urban outfitters knit bandeau; vintage pants and belt; vintage backpack; ray-ban sunglasses; daniel wellington watch; bc footwear sandals.

summer is here! but that doesn't mean i still can't wear what may seem like seasonally inappropriate clothing. i just have to be mindful of the cut and the fabric of each piece. here, a bandeau in sweater material paired with super lightweight pants work perfectly together for a day downtown, despite the heat. and sandals seem like an integral part of keeping this look in a summer state of mind.

my album of the year thus far.  UMO

Sunday, June 14, 2015

take my side.

urban outfitters dress; forever 21 headband; ray-ban sunglasses; aldo boots. 

here's a few pictures we snapped in collaboration with urban outfitters for their #UOroadtrip campaign.
imagine endless roads, endless destinations, and an endless suitcase of perfectly breezy dresses. 

i saw will butler live last weekend, and it was amazing. his opening act was a comedian - i've never been to a show like that before! his genius and sense of humor are apparent in every song on his solo album.


Friday, June 12, 2015

i want what you got.

vintage dress, belt and bag; h&m sunglasses; nine west shoes.
vintage is and always will hold a big place in my heart and in my life. it's such a nice feeling to have that special piece no one else will be wearing. this one immediately caught my eye thanks to its long sleeves and varsity stripe details! i might get it tailored so the top area and sleeves fit a bit better, but until then, it's still probably my favorite dress i've ever found. <3 center="">
when a band sounds like what you always thought your dream band would sound like....but better. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

loud places.

h&m t-shirt and headband; missguided skirt; vintage backpack; daniel wellington watch; ray-ban sunglasses; nine west sandals. 

the warm spring/basically summer weather brings out a more girly side of me i always forget i have. i'm also slowly becoming attracted to more colors besides blue, but i've always been into a khaki green - this beauty of a skirt from missguided will be a piece i wear again and again this season!

one of the songs of 2015? 
play on repeat with the sun shining and the windows down.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

lou & grey chicago.

two weeks ago, i had the pleasure of being invited to visit the new lou & grey in chicago on their opening day. little did i know that i would be stepping into such an immaculately curated store! not only does this brick and mortar location sell their own amazing line of casual, cool clothing, but they also have jewelry from local chicago designers, and coordinating accessories like hats by janessa leone. it was a bright and welcoming atmosphere, with easy to shop displays and merchandising, and friendly associates around to help with whatever is needed. i even made a new friend, my go-to for "does this look good one me?" and even a little styling advice - hi chloe! :-) my haul included a pair of soft check shorts, chambray joggers, a chambray jumpsuit, a sporty white skirt, and a perfect t-shirt. you can shop my favorite lou & grey pieces and see me wearing some of them below, and if you live in or plan on visiting chicago, be sure to head to lakeview to check out the new store. thanks for everything, lou & grey and rewardstyle!


Monday, April 20, 2015

slipping away.

missguided turtleneck; asos jeans; cheap monday coat; h&m hat and socks; ray-ban sunglasses; vintage bag and belt; daniel wellington watch; dolce vita boots.
thrift jacket; urban outfitters dress; ray-ban sunglasses; vintage backpack; vagabond boots.
thrift shirt; madewell jeans; vintage bag; daniel wellington watch; gorjana necklace and rings.
forever 21 scarf; urban outfitters sweater; romwe skirt; thrift jacket; ray-ban sunglasses; vintage bag; daniel wellington watch; zara shoes. 

h&m overalls; thrift shirt; ray-ban sunglasses; vintage bag; dolce vita boots.
h&m sweater; vintage belt and bag; daniel wellington watch; henry & belle jeans.
vintage coat and bag; thrift sweater; h&m skirt and headband; vagabond shoes. 
h&m shirt; topshop blazer; vintage levi's jeans; daniel wellington watch; vintage bag; forever 21 loafers. 
forever 21 coat; urban outfitters dress; american apparel clutch; h&m headband and sheer socks; gorjana necklace; zara heels.
vintage blouse and bag; h&m coat; asos jeans; lilah v necklace; marc by marc jacobs ring; daniel wellington watch.
nasty gal coat; vintage sweater and bag; urban outfitters jeans; h&m headband; ray-ban sunglasses; aldo boots. 
topshop dress; h&m turtleneck; vintage bag; daniel wellington watch; dolce vita boots.
vintage jacket and bag; tobi dress; gorjana necklace; ray-ban sunglasses.

lulu's coat; h&m shirt and jeans; vintage belt and bag; daniel wellington watch.
vintage coat, blouse, and belt; asos jeans; american apparel beanie; ray-ban sunglasses.
vintage jacket and bag; zara jeans; ray-ban sunglasses; dolce vita boots.
bb dakota coat; h&m sweater, knee highs, headband; vintage bag and belt; daniel wellington watch; ray-ban sunglasses; all saints loafers. 
thrift sweater; forever 21 turtleneck; asos jeans; vintage bag and belt; daniel wellington watch.

spring cleaning! with the last moments of winter finally slipping away, here are some long but certainly not lost photos from outfit posts that will never be (mainly because i'm so far behind and now cold weather looks seem irrelevant). i hope you enjoy this mini diary! you can always follow me on instagram for daily updates and little glimpses into my life and interests :-)

hey boys, come back to chicago to support this new album - i'd love to finally see you live!

Monday, March 23, 2015


vintage coat; h&m turtleneck and hat; vintage coach backpack; ray-ban sunglasses; daniel wellington watch;
marc by marc jacobs ring; target tights; vagabond boots from urban outfitters.

head-to-toe, this my ideal cold weather outfit. i picked this coat up at a saver's store and didn't even proceed to look for anything else, i just immediately headed to the checkout with my new treasure. now that's satisfaction. 

this duo takes my top prize as favorite new discovery of 2014.
i just saw them live a week ago; one of the best shows i've ever had the pleasure of attending! such a dream.
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